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ARTICLES Techniques Techniques & Best Practices
Members Only Mountain SuperUltraLight Backpacking – Going SUL in the Mountains with Adequate Shelter, Insulation, and Rain Protection. Part 2A: Selecting the Lightest, Most Functional Gear - Backpack, Shelter, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad
by Will Rietveld
Adapting SUL for mountain conditions, where frequent weather extremes necessitate more capable gear. Read More...
ARTICLES Techniques Techniques & Best Practices
Members Only Staying Dry in a Bivy Sack: Techniques for Managing the Moisture Balance Between External Precipitation and Internal Condensation
by Mike Martin
This article was originally published in issue 7 of the Backpacking Light Print Magazine. It has since been revised and updated by the author for web publication. Read More...
ARTICLES Techniques Make Your Own Gear
Members Only Make Your Own Gear: Multi-Pad-Ground-Sheet Integration System
by Mike Clelland!
Complete step-by-step instructions on how to size, cut and glue a tidy sleeping pad system. Read More...