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ARTICLES Places Notes from the Field
Salvation in Skykomish
by Lawton Grinter
Trail Angels to the rescue on the PCT and AT. Chapter 11 from Lawton Grinter's new book I Hike: Mostly True Stories from 10,000 Miles of Hiking . Read More...
ARTICLES Places Expeditions
Members Only The 2012 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic
by David Chenault
Is this the longest, toughest, roughest or hardest? The beauty of it is that at the finish no one knew or cared. Every competitor was left with indelible experiences, challenges accepted and honestly won or lost. Each had started with a clean slate and had accomplished every step in the wilderness through their own efforts. -Adrian Crane, writing about the Classic in Ultrarunning (1986) Read More...
ARTICLES Places Trip Reports
Members Only Lamar
by Ryan Jordan
Ryan and a group of Scouts search for solitude in Yellowstone National Park's Lamar River Valley Read More...
ARTICLES Places Trip Reports
Members Only A Lightweight Guide to the Crown of the Continent
by David Chenault
Backpacking and Packrafting Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Read More...
ARTICLES Places Trip Reports
Members Only Honeymoon at Isle Royale (Trip Report)
by Travis Leanna
Newlyweds Travis and Gretchen Leanna walk and packraft through Isle Royale National Park Read More...
ARTICLES Places Photo Essays
Global Test Main Page
by BackpackingLight Magazine
Danny Milks and Kristin Tennessen left California in September 2009 to embark upon a two-year international backpacking adventure. Follow their travels, break down their gear lists, and step into their photos for a global adventure like nothing you've ever seen! Read More...
ARTICLES Places Trip Reports
Philmont Redux: A Returning Scouter’s Report
by Tom Baskin
Nearly 40 years after his first visit, Tom brought his son's Troop to experience the magic of Philmont - and the magic of lighter packs! Read More...
ARTICLES Places Trip Reports
Members Only Sierra Prime: Off Trail in California's High Country
by Alan Dixon and Don Wilson
The greatest rewards come when you choose to get off the beaten path and build a personalized hike that mixes challenge and fun at whatever level works for you. Read More...
ARTICLES Places Photo Essays
Members Only Shangri-Lite at 62 - Haute Route at 20 Pounds or Less
by Barry Truman
On the Haute Route, a 21-pound pack is over-inflated. At sixty-two well-used years, I submitted myself to random weight checks to remain sub-twenty pounds and passed most of them. Making the formula feasible are the huts and hotels which always appear just when you've had enough. Read More...