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Useful New Products From Sea To Summit

Several lightweight, well-designed, multi-purpose products to aid the lightweight backpacker, while reducing our environmental impacts.

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by Will Rietveld | 2007-02-03 03:00:00-07


Sea To Summit (STS) has a knack for developing products that are truly useful for lightweight backpacking. On our visit to their booth, their representative Patricia Smith showed us several new products of interest.

Ipood! STS claims that this 2.6-ounce camp trowel is the lightest in the world. We know that many UL and SUL backpackers pooh-pooh carrying the extra weight, but for LW backpackers at least, this is definitely a product worth considering. The Ipood! Is made of 6066-T6 alluminum alloy, collapses to a small size, and the handle is hollow to hold toilet tissue. It retails for $16.95. STS definitely came up with a clever name for this product; their tagline is Ipood! And I’m Proud!

Useful New Products From Sea To Summit (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2007) - 1
The Ipood! is a collapsible backpacking trowel that holds TP in the handle.

Pocket Shower Another clever idea is STS’s 4.2 ounce Pocket Shower, which is actually a dry bag with a nozzle on the bottom. The nozzle twists to turn off and on, and its 10-liter capacity will last 8.5 minutes when fully open, longer at a slower trickle. What we really like about this type of product is that it’s multi-purpose and can be used as a stuff sack, dry bag, pillow, water bag, shower, or bear hang. It’s black so it heats up quickly in the sun, and comes with a 20-foot cord. From past experience, we have found that we can easily get two or more showers from this amount of water if we wet, wash, then rinse. The MSRP is $24.95. Way cool product!

Useful New Products From Sea To Summit (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2007) - 2
The Pocket Shower is basically a dry bag with a shower nozzle on the bottom. You twist the nozzle to regulate the flow.

Pocket Towel STS’s version of a camp towel is made of really light microfiber that wets easily, so it’s quite large for its weight. It comes in two sizes; size small weighs 1.5 ounces and size large weighs 3.9 ounces. Of course it’s a good companion to the Pocket Shower, but it would also be very handy for wiping condensation from the inside of a single wall tent and for use as a dish towel. The MSRP is $14.95 for the small towel and $22.95 for the large one, which is a bit expensive.

Useful New Products From Sea To Summit (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2007) - 3
Sea to Summit’s lightweight Pocket Towel is made of microfiber and is very absorbent.

Pocket Soap Here’s a convenient way to take soap on a backpacking trip. STS’s Pocket Soap comes as small leaves of pure biodegradeable soap that are so light they don’t register on a postage scale. Half a sheet is enough for one hand washing, and you can take only the amount you need on a trip. MSRP is $4.95 for a packet of 50 leaves.

Useful New Products From Sea To Summit (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2007) - 4
The Pocket Soap is biodegradable and you can take only what you need on a trip.

Trash Dry Bag STS’s dry bag designed to hold trash can be useful in a variety of situations. It has an extra lip around the dry bag closure that allows the bag to be lined with a kitchen trash can liner. It’s available in 10 and 20 liter sizes weighing 3.5 and 4.7 ounces. I won’t get into the potential uses for waste, but I do want to note that the same bag is perfectly usable as a normal dry sack.

Useful New Products From Sea To Summit (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2007) - 5
A Trash Dry Bag may be very useful to contain messy trash on a group backpacking trip or a canoeing trip.

Pilbara Hat We also discovered that STS has several hats that are nicely designed for hiking and backpacking. The newest one is the Pilbara, which has a wide brim, is sun and water resistant, and has loads of ventilating mesh in the crown. We also liked the skirted Mullet Cap ($29.95) for the above reasons, and because the skirt is attached with simple Velcro patches to make it easy to remove and replace. They also have a Gore-Tex PackLite cap ($39.95) and some wide-brimmed Gore-Tex hats. All of their hats are really lightweight and definitely worth considering.

Useful New Products From Sea To Summit (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2007) - 6
The new Pilbara Hat is very lightweight and has lots of mesh area on the sides for extra ventilation. It’s also very attractive.

We certainly appreciate Sea To Summit’s contributions to the Leave No Trace cause, while providing truly useful products for backpackers.


"Useful New Products From Sea To Summit," by Will Rietveld. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2007-02-03 03:00:00-07.


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Useful New Products From Sea To Summit
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