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Ultralight Outfitters Beercan Esbit Stove System

Ultralight Outfitters Beercan Esbit Stove System

One of the lightest, most elegant, and compact Esbit-based ultralight cook systems. Simple, sturdy, and safe. Comments

One of the disadvantages of most solid fuel stoves is their lack of integration, and unnecessarily heavy weight for their components.

The Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Esbit Stove solves these problems and does so very elegantly - and cost effectively - using inexpensive, but high quality, well-constructed, and lightweight components.

If you are not a fan of Esbit fuel, this stove may engage you to become one!

An Efficient Esbit System

Burns Esbit type solid fuel tablets. Did you know? Solid fuel tablets have slightly less BTU's/oz than Propane/Butane or White Gas, but they can offer weight savings nonetheless:

1 tablet brings 20 oz of water to a boil and weighs 1/2 oz. Count out meals and hot beverages; add an extra 1/2 oz for emergency, and carry only as much fuel as needed. Solid fuel comes in a plastic wrapper, and requires no special fuel containers.

The Ultralight Beer Can Stove optimizes the efficiency of an Esbit-based cooking system by integrating the pot with the stand, fuel tab holder, and wind screen to get the most out of your Esbit BTU power.

Converts to a Double Walled Mug

The Beer Can Esbit Stove converts to an insulated drinking mug when packed up by effectively using the wire pot stand a cage that secures the wind screen (outer) around the beer can pot (inner). Further, the insulated lip guard provides comfortable sipping of hot beverages.

Use Only for Boiling Water, Beverages, and Soups

The nonstick coating in a beer can keeps the beer from contacting the aluminum in the can and it will do the same for your food. It is an amazing coating that is easy to rinse clean, but it can be burned at high temperatures. Boiling water inside keeps the pot's interior surface at a low enough temperature to maintain the integrity of the coating. However, it can be burned at high temperatures. Don't put an empty pot over fire. Don't burn food inside the pot. Do develop the skill to select camping meals that use boiling water (soups, stews, freeze-dried packaged meals), keeping your cooking sample and kit light!

Esbit Fuel Recommended

While there are other brands of solid fuel tablets, and Ultralight Outfitters both recommend Esbit brand, for their ability to burn hot without wasting excess heat, and coming in easily manageable packaging.

Purchase Esbit Fuel at


Package includes (total weight 3.8 oz):
  • Stainless steel pot stand
  • No-fold stainless steel wind screen
  • Silicon rubber lip-guard
  • Free Lexan spoon
Beer can pot and can opener not included. 

To make the pot:

Remove the top off of a jumbo, straight sided, 25.4 fluid ounce beer can (e.g., Foster's or Labott: not Heinekin). The result: a 3/4-liter cook pot that weighs an incredible ONE OUNCE (!), has a non-stick coating on the inside, will survive occasional denting without damage, is inexpensive to replace, and is readily available. A small square of aluminum foil can be used for the lid.

Use the Good Cook Can Opener: Very few types of can openers will cut the top of a jumbo sized beer can and leave the can both undented and without any sharp edges. The best can opener for the job is the Good Cook Can Opener, available at or by calling 1.800.421.6290.



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