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Backpacking Light TorsoLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad (DISCONTINUED)

Weighed On Our Scales » 8.7 oz (246 g)

Backpacking Light TorsoLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad (DISCONTINUED)

A sub ten ounce inflatable sleeping pad with durable cover and warm, comfortable insulation - torso sized!

New for 2009

The Torsolite Inflatable Sleeping Pad has been redesigned for 2009. Backpacking Light continues to partner with Pacific Outdoor Equipment to bring you one of the lightest inflatable sleeping pads on the planet. New for 2009 is a stronger top and bottom fabric, new color scheme, and new graphics.

Reviews of the TorsoLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad

TorsoLite Sleeping Pad reviews at BackpackGearTest.

"With the TorsoLite comes freedom. Even in my [solo] tent, I can turn the pad to stay under my shoulders and hips, no mater what angle they happen to take." - Christine Korhonen.
"'Great' just about sums it up...Can the TorsoLite handle my womanly hips? 99% of the time, the answer turned out to be 'yes'...This pad is a keeper. For any trip when I don't expect temperatures to drop [too cold], the TorsoLite will be my first choice. It's a great piece of gear - functional, comfortable, and minimalist." - Colleen Porter.
"I found the pad perfectly comfortable at [temperatures down to 15°F]...The TorsoLite is small, light, comfortable and rugged. I have been able to integrate it into my light weight kit very easily. The small size brings many advantages to the table and proved to be surprisingly easy to adapt to for sleeping. The pad has become a permanent part of my backpacking kit and has year-round applications in the field." - Jim Sabiston.


The TorsoLite™ is a cored foam inflatable sleeping pad, designed as a "torso-sized" pad, sized for the average (size Small to Large) user. Dimensions are approximately 32 in (81 cm) in length, with the pad tapering from 17 in (46 cm) wide at the shoulder end to 12 in (31 cm) wide at the upper thigh end. Weight of the pad is about 10 ounces (295 g).

The TorsoLite is a full one inch in thickness, with only a moderately aggressive die-cut pattern that preserves its insulating ability, comfort and cushioning, relative to the lightest inflatable pads from other manufacturers.

Application Notes

Choose the TorsoLite if you need a tough, durable, rugged, and lightweight inflatable sleeping pad that can handle real abuse in the backcountry.

The TorsoLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad is designed with two primary users in mind. The first group of users are lightweight backpackers who do not want to give up the comfort of an inflatable sleeping pad, and carry enough other insulation (e.g., foam backpads in your backpack for your legs and extra clothing for your head) to complement the TorsoLite. The second group of users are lightweight winter backpackers who are going to combine the TorsoLite pad with a 3/4 or full length closed cell foam sleeping pad for sleeping directly on snow.

Much of the motivation for designing the TorsoLite came from a desire to minimize the volume of the sleeping pad inside the pack (thus allowing for a smaller pack), and in turn, providing a smaller pad suitable for use as a framesheet in a smaller pack).

When prototyping the pad, we tried several die cut configurations, surface fabrics, and foam thicknesses. We built pads as light as six ounces using 0.75" thick foam, an aggressive die cut, and the lightest possible surface fabrics. These prototypes looked great on paper and were elegant and sexy in our hands, but their performance was very poor: the lighter fabrics resulted in punctures, the thinner foams were less comfortable than many corrugated closed cell foam pads on the market, and the aggressive die cut pattern was cold, noticeable even on dry ground with temperatures in the 30s and 40s.

And What of The Durability Claims?

From Jim Sabiston's TorsoLite Inflatable Sleeping Pad Review at

"Another title for this section could be When Did [Backpacking Light] Decide To Play Dirty Tricks On Gear Testers? I am supposed to test this pad to failure. The pad is NOT cooperating. I have tried to come up with creative uses for the pad, some of which are bordering on abusive...As a seat in my canoe or kayak, the TorsoLite is compressed under my not-so-light derriere for long hours at a time in a very dynamic environment. The pad is subject to constant movement, as well as water and abrasive dirt and sand. As a pad for my backpack, the TorsoLite is forcibly folded and crammed into a tight sleeve for hours, subject to all the rigors experienced by my pack.

At this point, aside from some minor scuffing, the pad looks like it will continue to take all this punishment in stride. In order to test the effectiveness of the repair kit, I may have to cut the pad intentionally. I've come to like this pad quite a bit and will not enjoy doing this. I will try to come up with some other creative uses and try to beat this thing into submission naturally before I resort to cutting it.

[Fast forward a few months...]

And so it has come to pass. The TorsoLite took everything that I could throw at it under the guise of ‘normal’ use and took it all in stride. In desperation, I finally decided to cut the pad. Let me make it clear that I really did not want to do this. I really like this pad and it was difficult to bring myself to intentionally damage it. But, as it was a requirement, one night I took a deep breath and poked my knife point into the pad, cutting a hole about ½ in (13 mm) near the center of the pad...

[Bottom Line]: Tough, rugged construction...the pad is so tough that the [patch] kit is unlikely to be needed.

TorsoLite: The Cult Favorite of U.S. Alpine Mountain Guides

Professional Guides & Educators: Including AMGA, NOLS, OB, and University Outdoor Recreation Centers. Contact us with your credentials and purchase orders and receive the professional discount on the TorsoLite.

Scout Leaders: TorsoLites are available for bulk purchase for your troop. Minimum quantity is 10 pcs.


  • Weight: 8-10 oz (283-312 g) - depends on manufacturing lot, some have gone as low as 8.4 (238 g), some have gone as high as 9.9 (280 g)
  • Width and Taper: The TorsoLite is tapered according to TorsoTaper© specifications: with a 17 in (43 cm) wide top section (for your shoulders) that remains at that width for a distance of 7 in (18 cm) along its length. Then, the pad tapers to a width of 12 in (30 cm) at its base.
  • Length: 32 in (81 cm)
  • R-Value: 3.0 - 4.0
  • Thickness: 1.0 in (2.5 cm)
  • Surface Fabric: 50 denier Diamond Ripstop Nylon
  • Top Surface Color: Orange
  • Bottom Surface Color: Steel
  • Die Cut Pattern: Diamond cut-through pattern encased in a 1.5 in solid foam perimeter to control perimetric heat loss
  • Welded Seams: YES - a full 0.5 in for maximum durability and seam strength
  • Packed Size (length x dia.): 8 x 4 in (20 x 10 cm) - cylinder


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