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Timberland Delerion PRO Adventure Racing Shoes (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2005)

A Lightweight Shoe Designed Specifically for the Demands of Adventure Racing


by Matt Colon | 2005-08-13 03:00:00-06


Timberland Delerion Low: Weight 11.5 oz

The Delerion is a new adventure racing shoe from Timberland, developed with input from members of the Team GoLite/Timberland elite adventure race team. The uppers use a highly breathable, quick drying unlined nylon mesh for fast drainage. The shoe features a unique midsole described as the Timberland™ Agile IQ stability plate. The midsole is split in the forefoot. Timberland says this enhances balance. The shoe also features a starburst shaped cut-out under the heel cup to aid in proper heel set. The idea here is to ensure the foot stays put by sucking the heel deep into the cup with every stride and minimize the danger of blistering.

The Delerion uses an integrated stretch gaiter. The gaiter is held in place by a pair of hooks, front and back, and on the sides by a track system that allows you to slide the bottom of the gaiter into grooves. This system creates a seal that keeps debris out of the shoe. The shoes may be worn with or without the gaiter.

The Delerion’s soles use a dual density rubber which is harder along the perimeter for edging and bite, and softer under the center of the foot for smear type traction. This design provides excellent traction in a variety of conditions.

We are looking forward to testing the Delerions. They are relatively light and provide plenty of support. The adventure racers I spoke with were full of praise for the shoe. They say it performs spectacularly well in a variety of conditions, dries quickly and helps to dry wet socks through a hydraulic flushing action.


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