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Backpacking Light Stealth NANO Ultralight Backpacking Tarp (DISCONTINUED)

Weighed On Our Scales » 4.95 oz (140 g)

Backpacking Light Stealth NANO Ultralight Backpacking Tarp (DISCONTINUED)

A 5-oz 64 sq. ft. 0.8 osy Cuben Fiber ultralight backpacking tarp with a catenary ridgeline, no-sew seams, bonded reinforcements, impregnated tieouts, titanium stakes, and Spectra guylines.


If silnylon is so 2005 and spinnaker is so 2007, then what is so 2010 you ask? Well, Cuben Fiber of course. Cuben Fiber has been employed in backpacking equipment for some years but was often associated with the stigma of poor strength resulting from sewn seams along the ridgeline, edges, and guyline tie-out reinforcements.

So we simply said "No!" to needles and thread, hello to innovative bonding methods, and created a Cuben Fiber tarp that is unhindered by seam problems.

The result is a tarp that has all the features you come to expect in a modern day SUL ("superultralight") tarp: big surface area (64 sq. ft. / 5.95 sq. m.), catenary ridgeline, reinforced guyline tieouts, the inclusion of high quality titanium stakes and Spectra guylines as standard (rather than an option), and of course, lightweight -- 4.95 oz. (140 g).

Large Surface Area. The Stealth Nano offers 64 sq. ft. (5.95 sq. m.) of surface area in a trapezoidal design that is 9.0 ft (2.74 m) long, 8.5 ft (2.59 m) wide at the head end, and 5.7 ft (1.74 m) at the foot end, offering plenty of coverage for tall folks, wide folks, folks with gear, folks with dogs, or in cozier situations, folks with other folks.

Bonded Seams. Bonded, rather than sewn, construction methods allow for high strength at minimum weight. We found that our bonded seams on the Nano Tarp are quite a lot stronger than the fabric, so we completely eliminated sewing to preserve that strength, and reduce weight and bulk. The entire perimeter of the tarp, along with the catenary ridgeline, are bonded, and we use multiple bonded layers of reinforcement at guyline tie-outs to distribute stress more evenly than what can be accomplished with sewn reinforcements.

Our Ridgeline. We do not sew the ridgeline, for a few very important reasons. First, sewing places needle holes into the bonding tape that not only provides an area for leakage, but also results in the propagation of stress near the holes that can cause failure over long periods of repeated stress (general use and, wind loads, etc.). This can be partially mitigated by adding seam sealer, which must be reapplied over time, and of course adds weight and is punishing to the customer. Our previous versions of the NANO tarp (the first one sewn, the second one sewn-and-bonded) that were used by our most active customers resulted in long term seam failure which was always attributed back to some problem resulting from the presence of needle holes.

Stronger Fabric. We use a very strong 0.8 oz/sq. yd. (27 g/sq. m.) Cuben Fiber that is actually heavier, and has a higher tensile strength, than the old 0.6 we used to use, but our bonding methods saved so much weight we decided to spend it on more robust fabric, since we saw a few fabric failures in high winds with the old stuff.

Reengineered Guyline Tieouts.. We redesigned our guyline tie-outs, too: they are now stiffer and impregnated, but the same weight as the old ones. The increased stiffness means they more evenly distribute stress to the tarp fabric, and are easier to thread. Because they are impregnated, they absorb no water. The guylines are attached to the tarp using a very strong but simple double tack straight stitch, since bartacking through fabric this light (which has a low fiber density) results in a high needle hole density that compromises the long term durability of the stitch. The result of the bonded guyline reinforcement areas and the new guylines is a nearly perfect distribution of load stress to the tarp fabric to prevent tarp fabric failure in high winds, and increase the tarp's useful life over the long term.

Seam Sealing. This tarp requires no seam sealing on the ridgeline. We do recommend that you you apply a smidge of Silnet on the guyline tieout stitches. The purpose of this is to impregnate the threads, and bond the threads to the fabric, to prevent water absorption that reduces thread strength when the water freezes. To do this properly, rub a tiny bit of Silnet into the threads (both sides) with your fingers while the tarp is pitched with moderate tension, and let it dry fully under tension. Urethane sealers, such as Seamgrip, can also be used, but degrade from UV exposure and need to be reapplied, and aren't as effective at impregnating the threads. If you do this correctly to all eight guyline tieouts, you will add less than 0.05 oz of weight to the tarp. Use sparingly!

How Long Will This Tarp Last? Cuben Fiber tarps are famous for their short lifespans. The mode of failure results primarily from the fact that needle holes in this low-fiber-density fabric (it's essentially a "film" with a few fibers thrown to add tensile strength) get a little bigger, and bigger, and bigger, over a period of time. This period of time is accelerated by pitching the tarp tightly, and by exposing it to high winds. If you seal your tieout stiches and pitch the tarp properly (taut, with no saggy areas), and are careful about where you are pitching in windy areas so as to minimize wind stress, it should last for many seasons of trekking.

You Get Tarp, Stakes, Guylines, and Stuff Sack. The purchase price of the Stealth NANO is a total tarp package, all you have to supply are the trekking poles or downed timber with which to prop it up. We include the NANO Tarp, our AirCore Nano Spectra Guyline Kit, a NANO Stuff Sack, and eight (8) Lazr Titanium Stakes.


  • Bonded catenary ridgeline contains no sewn seam, is totally waterproof, does not require seam sealing, and is stronger than both sewn, and sewn-and-bonded seams.
  • Stiffer, impregnated grosgrain tieouts backed with bonded Cuben Fiber reinforcements provide solid pitching options.
  • Green-tinted Cuben Fiber adds to the airiness of the tarp camping experience with a pleasing, natural color.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Comes complete with tarp, guylines, tensioners, stakes, and stuff sack.



  • Weight (tarp): 4.95 oz. (140 g)


  • Length: 9 ft - 108 in. (274 cm)
  • Width (head): 8 ft 6 in - 102 in. (259 cm)
  • Width (foot): 5 ft 8 in - 68 in. (173 cm)


  • Tarp Body: 0.8 oz/sq. yd. (27 g/sq. m.) Cuben Fiber
  • Tie-Outs: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm) impregnated nylon grosgrain sewn to tarp with double straight stitches to multiple layers of bonded Cuben Fiber reinforcement areas
  • Tie-Outs (quantity/location): Corners, ridgeline ends, long side midpoint (total of eight)
  • Ridgeline: Taped, no sewn seam
  • Tarp Edges: Taped, no sewn seams


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