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Backpacking Light SpinPoncho "T" LITE - Ultralight Backpacking Tarp

Weighed On Our Scales » 4.6oz (131 g)

Backpacking Light SpinPoncho "T" LITE - Ultralight Backpacking Tarp

New for 2006! Even lighter - ultralight (4.6 oz) poncho-tarp with "t"-neck style hoodless opening that mates well with a wide-brimmed rain hat for outstanding ventilation.

The SpinPoncho "T" LITE is a hoodless poncho with a T-neck style head gasket. It is designed to be worn in conjunction with a wide-brimmed hat during rainy weather, to improve ventilation.

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Click here to download the SpinPoncho User Guide (Adobe PDF)

The photo above is of Ryan Jordan using a SpinPoncho "T" LITE on an April trek of California's Lost Coast, where the poncho tarp served as Ryan's sole raingear and shelter for three straight days of high winds and heavy rain that accompanied a coastal storm.

SpinTarp Ultralight Backpacking Tarp User Guide

Click here to download the SpinTarp User Guide (Adobe PDF File, 94k).

(Above) A SpinPoncho "T" LITE pitched as shelter in a very windy and rainy proving ground: Northern California's Lost Coast Trail. Here, creative pitching is used to manage high winds and shed heavy rain with a minimal surface coverage area: large boulders secured guylines, driftwood was used to shore up the edges, and a small log was used as a center support (the log was capped with a bandana to prevent it from puncturing the tarp).


SpinPoncho ultralight backpacking tarps were developed with one purpose in mind: to save weight.

SpinPoncho tarps are manufactured with the lightest available waterproof fabric with silicone impregnation. This fabric is 35% lighter than the lightest waterproof silicone-impregnated nylon fabrics currently being used in mass-market outdoor gear. However, the fabric is not without its limitations, and SpinPoncho Tarps are recommended only for ultralight backpackers who understand how to deal with them:

  1. Durability. The SpinPoncho tarp fabric is not as durable as 1.4-oz silnylon. It is more prone to abrasion and has a weaker tear strength. However, the experienced ultralighter who is competent in handling ultralight gear can successfully deal with these limitations. The tarp should never be used as a ground cloth due to the lack of abrasion resistance. As for the tear strength, the tarp is best used with multiple stakes and guylines such that tension is distributed as evenly as possible among the guyline tie-out points to avoid stressing seams and fabric in those areas. We've had the tarp in the field under very high wind loads and have not experienced seam or fabric durability problems. Just pay attention to what you are doing when pitching the tarp.
  2. Noise. SpinPoncho fabric is noisier than silnylon. Flapping can be minimized, of course, by properly pitching the tarp. This requires practice, experience, and an understanding of how to distribute tension through the tarp's panels. You probably want to pitch this tarp as a hummer, not a flapper (for more info, review the M Advanced Tarp Camping).


We do not warranty this tarp against fabric failure. We will warranty against manufacturing defects, including seam ripping, if the ripping was caused by a weakness in seam construction or thread, but not if the ripping was due to fabric failure. Ripping due to fabric failure indicated that the tarp was being used in a manner that exceeded its intended limits. Please review the "durability" section above.


  • Poncho: Hoodless T-neck head opening with drawstring and toggle, side snaps, hem drawcord for securing poncho around your pack.
  • Hood: NONE! The head opening has a T-neck style gasket that can be cinched with an elastic drawcord. This poncho is designed to be used with a wide-brimmed rain hat during inclement conditions.


  • Weight: 4.6 oz (130.4 g)
  • Dimensions: 4'3" (width) x 7'9" (length)
  • Shape: Flat
  • Tie-Outs: Grosgrain, 12


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