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M Solo-Plus Tent Round-Up

by Chris Wallace

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Article Summary:

Several months ago members asked when the next tent state of the market report would be coming. I responded directly to that forum post, and allowed the membership to choose what would be included in the report. We narrowed the eligibility requirements down to the following:

Using those guidelines, I was able to put together a good list of shelters to be included in the report. While I wasn't able to secure all of them for testing, I did manage to get a pretty good sampling.

weight is for a Hexamid Solo-Plus with optional permanent beak and optional removable two person floor

** weight includes two stuff sacks and eight aluminum "V" stakes

*** weight includes two stuff sacks and six Easton "Nail" stakes (2 gold and 4 blue)

**** weight includes two stuff sacks and seven aluminum "V" stakes with cordage loops attached

***** weight is for a SoLong 6 with optional awning, awning pole, and rear door

Note that Mfr. Weight includes manufacturer provided guy-lines. In contrast with some past reports, I chose not to remove the factory guy-lines and replace them with something lighter. The GoLite doesn't use guy-lines for the standard staking positions, and most of the other shelters came with guy-lines already cut and attached. Also, note that BPL weight excludes manufacturer provided stuff sacks and stakes. Instead they standardize by using eight aluminum "V" stakes (3 oz or ) as these hold better in a variety of soils than the lighter weight needle stakes used in past reports. All prices include the options on our test shelters. Due to the nature of pitching a shelter with adjustable trekking poles, the dimensions can vary slightly based on the height of the poles. All of the BPL dimensions are with a fully taut pitch, but I recognized that a taut pitch could be achieved with slightly shorter or longer poles as well. Due to the potential for the variance in dimensions with pole length (shelter height), I elected to exclude square footage from the chart above.


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