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Looking for New Authors

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Backpacking Light publishes comprehensive gear reviews that are critical, honest, and founded on both sound technical analysis and rigorous field use.

Specific Solicitations

No word counts for these (for more formal solicitations, see here). We want to know what you have to say, and if your input isn't long enough for a solo article, we'll cobble something together from a few proposals. We are as flexible as, um, Gumbi? These are not contests - accepted proposals/submissions will be paid an honorarium like typical articles.

Trip Reports

We want your trip reports, from the quickie 24-hour trips to the multi-week jaunts that take you 'round the world. What trail is dear to your heart in California? British Columbia? Tanzania? Peru? Switzerland? China? Israel? Japan? South Africa? Oregon? We've got a global readership but are often stuck in (beautiful) Montana – let us all live vicariously by sharing your trail journal about your adventures and mishaps. All the better if those trip reports include your gear lists, video clips, and photography. Of course, your trips should reflect and discuss your lightweight style and philosophy.

Make Your Own Gear (MYOG)

MYOG: What have you made that you want to show off? It doesn't need to be flashy or fancy, but if you made it, we want to know how we can make it too.

Photo Essays

We're looking for photo essays to show the beauty and wonder all around, from Australia to Zaire. Do your photos tell a story? Are they artistic, beautiful, or both?

Current Affairs

Got an itch to cover some of the current affairs happening around the world that affect backpackers? Do some digging, report through us, let the world know. From investigative journalism to op-ed commentary and everything in between.


We want more videos, especially techniques and best practices: pitching a tarp, using your new Tenkara rod, cooking non-typical backpacking foods, building a snow cave or igloo, backpacking with kids, backcountry games, and insect or wildlife track/scat identification for various parts of the country.