Snot Spot Nose Wipe (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)

Reusable, washable microfleece nose wiper for your gloves, mittens, or hands.


by Carol Crooker | 2006-01-29 03:00:00-07

Snot Spot Nose Wipe (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)


You've been there - your nose is running constantly while you're out snowshoeing/trekking and you don't want to take off your gloves or mittens to search for a hanky, you just washed your jacket and don't want to snot up the sleeve, and you are wearing BMW Vapr Mitts with a silnylon back that just doesn't do the job or feel good on your nose. Or, your hand wear did have a nice, soft nose wiper but it's already worn out, long before the end of the useful life of your gloves/mittens. What to do? Monica Martin and friends had similar thoughts and came up with a solution. Soft microfleece Snot Spots that can be added to a glove or mitten (and even your bare hand), then later removed and washed.

What do I think? My nose runs constantly when I hike and I'm excited about the Snot Spots, especially since they fit on bare hands (my nose running knows no seasons).

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: large 0.3 oz, small 0.2 oz
  • Sizes: large fits adult winter gloves/mittens, small fits thin adult gloves and youth juniors, and bare hands
  • Fabric: 100% polyester microfleece
  • Colors: black (hides dirt) and alabaster (hides snot)
  • Parent Company (When I Grow Up, Inc.) mission: To donate $1 million to charitable organizations by 2015
  • Website:
  • MSRP: $9.95

Snot Spot Nose Wipe - 2
Monica Martin (founder/CEO) and Brennon Martin (president) of Snot Spot, demonstrate the glove and mitten Snot Spots.

Snot Spot Nose Wipe - 3
The small size Snot Spot fits children or directly on your hand when your nose is running in glove-less weather.


"Snot Spot Nose Wipe (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)," by Carol Crooker. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2006-01-29 03:00:00-07.