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TarpTent Virga

in Shelters - Tarps & Floorless

Average Rating
4.50 / 5 (2 reviews)

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( sanderson )
TarpTent Virga II on 08/02/2005 21:52:16 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Great shelter! It is so nice to be able to get away from the skeeters and i have been through some hellatious rain storms, with not a drop of leakage. This is a great product!

kevin davidson
( kdesign )

Mythical State of Jefferson
Virga 2 on 10/06/2005 12:01:21 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

A great shelter for those making the transition to tarp camping. 28 oz! A fairly strong shelter by it's rights, it does require good site selection and attention to how the tarptent is positioned vis a vis the wind. It once partially blew down on me in close to 50 mph winds(bad siting due to terrain constraints in an above timberline site)---popping a stake and dropping one of the 2 trek poles used as front poles---but I easily managed to set things in order from inside the tent and w/o even getting out of my bag. This is not the application that these kind of hybrid shelters are designed for.

The tarptent is well made but tailoring of it's cantenary cut could perhaps be a little more tailored for a tighter pitch. I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Edited by kdesign on 10/06/2005 14:40:11 MDT.

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