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Go Lite Speed

in Backpacks - Frameless

Average Rating
4.33 / 5 (6 reviews)

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Kevin Sawchuk
( ksawchuk - M )

Northern California
Go Lite Speed 2003 (currently) on 08/02/2005 19:45:59 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

An excellent pack in terms of features, suspension, external mesh pockets (5!) and front mount water bottle holsters (a feature I originally thought I'd never use). I wish it were 8oz lighter (there are some extra straps they could lose and I don't need a full length daisy chain or helmet holder) and made of stronger material. I'd like much larger hip pockets. I'd also like grosgrain or elastic compression straps.

Edited by ksawchuk on 08/02/2005 19:46:54 MDT.

Mike Storesund
( mikes )
GoLite Speed on 09/02/2005 11:40:25 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I rate this pack a 5. I also have its smaller brother the GoLite Race, which I gave my son.

For 2 pounds, not including the water reservoir, I believe this pack is fully functional and comfortable for up to 22 pounds total weight. Beyond that it starts to get uncomfortable for me.

I like the zippered pockets on the hip belt for easy access to compass, GPS, knife, trail food, light or whatever small items you want. The 5 external mess pockets allow plenty of room for items like tarp, poncho, fuel, first-aid kit, drying socks, etc.

I agree with Kevin that there is no need, at least for me, for the full length daisy chain, but those can easily be shortened and the excess removed. I do however like the straps shown as a ‘helmet holder’ for holding my trekking poles in place while in transit as well as quick access to an outer shell.

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Neil Bender
( nebender )
Golite Speed on 09/02/2005 23:24:29 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

I like this pack but had to modify it to make up some deficiencies. Lack of side comptression straps or lacing makes it sloppy when less than full. The load lifter straps are uselss without a frame, and with the arrowshaft frame stay I added, with a Ti-stake cross bar, they are too low to actually work as lifetr/stabilizers. The helmet holder material is heavier than it needs to be. The top flap has a meash opening that let's in rain. The side hipbelt pockets are too small to be useful for anything the size of a small camera or GPS without binding on the user. Shoulder pockets are also easy to add and make the pack much more finctional. The use of black webbing and black interior fabrics makes the pack 'communicate' poorly with the user. The back pad can't be removed without turning the pack inside out, an annoyance for brief stops or bivies.

With a little work these deficiencies can be dealt with turning this into a great pack for cragging, day and half hikes for non-ultralighters, or an ultralight pack for week long backpacks in mild conditions.

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Ken Helwig
( kennyhel77 )

Scotts Valley CA via San Jose, CA
Great Pack on 05/19/2006 16:34:50 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Just bought this today with a need for a multi day pack. I like all of the extra pockets, but wish that they were just a little bigger. As for the helmet holder, this is a great feature. I will not be using this for a helmet, but rather to carry a pad or a tent when my wife comes along with me. If you postition a pad just right in the pack and stuff it correctly, the pack handles very well. I really like this pack!

Edited by kennyhel77 on 05/20/2006 03:46:43 MDT.

Elliott Wolin
( ewolin )

Hampton Roads, Virginia
Worked great for my daughter on 01/23/2007 11:01:17 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

My daughter used this for 14 days on the Wonderland trail and was very happy. Max load after resupply was 22-25 pounds.

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Jay Wilkerson
( Creachen )

East Bay
Great pack for 2-3 days trip. on 11/03/2008 19:45:24 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I really like this pack. I have cut off the helmet holder/webbing, top lid and extra straps. It's weight is down to 24oz. With a 3100ci I find this pack perfect for a weekend trip. I feel that anything longer would add to much pressure on your shoulders in reguard to weight. 25 lbs is just about the max including food & H2O. I like the 5 pockets of various sizes which means I can leave home about 2oz. in stuff sacks. The hip straps have 2 perfect little zippered pockets for storage of STUFF!!!!!

Edited by Creachen on 11/03/2008 19:46:09 MST.

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