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Five Ten Anasazi Slippers

in Climbing Gear & Accessories

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Jon Rhoderick
( hotrhoddudeguy - M )

New England
Five Ten Anasazi Slippers on 07/26/2007 00:53:24 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

How come there Ain't no shoes here?

Lovingly known as the "pixie shoes" by some people I know, if you ever get into some high performance ultralight climbing, these, and the other Anasazi's may be great. The Slippers are really nice for the on and off and on and off of belaying, multipitch, and bouldering. The excellent fit around the front of the shoe gives you great great comfort, especially when you start off your problem or climb, and realize that the majority of your weight is going through your feet, rather than those flashed out forearms. The major drawback, only to be seen on mantelling and overhangs, is a pretty atrocious heel design by five ten. If you look at the product photos, you realize that a layer of soft rand rubber, often times up to 3/4 of an inch off from being glove tight, is 5 10's idea of a good heel. Huh? and throw a heel hook and your shoe almost will come off if you don't think it through, but its usually fine if you do think before you hook. The edging is incredible, and the smearing is not too shabby either, but after around 7 months of slippery shabby mistakes, the stealth rubber is starting to smooth out, but if you know how to smear, know that the more weight you put on your feet the more they stick.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, they weigh 18 ounces even for my 10.5s. Maybe they should be my trail shoes..

Edited by hotrhoddudeguy on 07/26/2007 00:54:38 MDT.

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