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evernew ultralight 1.3l ti pot

in Cookware - Titanium

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4.83 / 5 (6 reviews)

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chris Mcfarland
( pecos )

baba yaga's porch
evernew ultralight 1.3l ti pot on 07/22/2007 15:22:55 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

At 97g (3.3/8oz) for pot and 44g (1.5/8oz) lid, the ultralight 1.3l ti pot fits the bill for group backpacking. Using a wide flame spread alcohol stove is no problem with this pot because its 14.6cm (5.75in) wide! When I’m with a group of people I can use it to boil all of our water at once and save on fuel.

The handles are very well engineered and almost click into place when they are extended or stored making a very stable no wobble grip. That’s important when you’re distributing a liter of boiling water to your starving companions.

The pot has a pour spout notched into the left side (when you’re holding the handle) which when combined with the lid makes an excellent strainer. This is ideal for reusing noodle water to cook “boil in a bag” meals.

The thin walls and wider base give me (slightly) better boil times and more than double the capacity compared with my Snopeak 700 at a 27g penalty (my Snopeak is 71g, with ground handles).

The pot also has a slightly raised indentation at the bottom which I found a use for! I was using the pot to bake. But I did not add enough water to the bottom and it ended up boiling it dry. Because it is so thin, the pot developed a slight warp which made it flex when pressure was applied. I was able to easily remove the dent and return the pot to near perfect condition by running the stick around the indentation until it was back to normal.

The only flaw in the pot’s design is the dent that the lid handle rests in. It prevents the lid from being used for anything but a lid/Frisbee. (The lid makes a surprisingly good Frisbee.) I’d be upset if they had given me a piece of foil for a lid, so the weight is acceptable, but not optimal.

A 4.5 would be a better score, but not a perfect 5.

Ryley Breiddal
( ryleyb - M )

Pacific Northwest
Excellent value pot on 09/18/2007 21:45:55 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've used this pot on both a MSR PocketRocket and a SuperCat alcohol stove. It's really nice on the SuperCat because the flames jet out sideways, and this wide-based pot heats up more quickly that way. I think this is an ideal pot for 2 people. I did manage to put a nasty warp in it by using my PocketRocket on full blast a bunch (didn't realize you weren't supposed to do that). It's actually this perfect circle of warp/thinness in the bottom, but the pot has still held up for hundreds of boils since then.

The handle grips are really nice too, no messing around with pot holders or using your socks to pick up your pot :)

Cheap, relatively light, how can you go wrong?

Price comparison from GearBuyer: MSR Pocketrocket priced at: $29.95 - $39.99
Barnett Childress
( Barnett_Childress )

New England
High Quality Ti Pot on 07/20/2009 20:12:33 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Purchased for winter solo trips to be used with MSR Simmerlite stove where snow melting might be required. Not the absolute lightest but very functional with lid, lid & pot insulated handles, volume markers and pour spout.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: MSR SimmerLite priced at: $79.98 - $99.99
David Chenault
( DaveC - M )

Crown of the Continent
bomber on 08/27/2009 10:00:09 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've had mine since 2004. It's been used with a Dragonfly, Esbit ti wing stove, and quite a lot on a campfire. The nonstick feature may not last forever, but the rest of it has been impressively durable. It's a great balance between being light but also tough, and is a great size for 2-3 people, or melting snow.

The handles and lid lifter are my favorite features. You can stuff the pot well into the coals to get a fast boil, but the handles stick out far enough to stay cool and make handling quick and convenient. Ditto for the tab on the lid.

The pour spout is also a very subtle, important feature.

For any non-solo trips, I've yet to want anything else.

Elliott Wolin
( ewolin )

Hampton Roads, Virginia
Works great with Caldera Cone on 08/27/2009 10:49:20 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This pot works great with the Caldera Cone, and is very efficient.

This summer two of us used 15 grams/day/person of denatured alcohol for mostly freezer-bag cooking, with some extended simmering for more complicated meals, hot water for breakfast once in a while, and some extra hot water each evening for cleanup.

The handles are great, too.

Elena Lee
( lenchik101 )

Pacific Northwest (USA)
my favorite piece of gear - timeless! on 01/29/2010 12:34:41 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I've had mine since 2002 and still going. I have one with titanium coating, and use it as a share pot with hiking partner.

The quality of this pot is impeccable. Its insulated handles are great for easy handling, they fit around the pot nicely when stored.

I used this pot once in the open fire because i forgot my fuel home. I had lots of cleaning to do after, but it held up just fine.

The non stick coating is actually not literally non stick, so don't try cooking fried eggs or pancakes directly on the pot because it will burn. the coating does help to clean up easily. Sometimes i do all my cleaning just my adding some little water, scrubbing with grass, pine branches, leaves or moss, then rinsing with some water again, wiping with more grass, and done!

I store some smaller items in the pot, including stove, spoon, soap, tp, hygiene items. i use a couple of rubber band to keep the lid on it when stored.

this is also a good pot for melting snow. i've actually had some random people borrowing it from me more than once for that purpose, which i gladly shared. just bring an extra trash bag, get bunch of snow, and keep adding to your melt.

love it!

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