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Bozeman Mountain Works Side Zip Vapr Bivy Sack

in Shelters - Bivy Sacks

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5.00 / 5 (2 reviews)

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Laurence Daniels
( GNR )

Bozeman Mountain Works Side Zip Vapr Bivy Sack on 07/12/2007 13:31:16 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This is the best piece of gear that I own, I can't leave it at home or in the car, ever. 7.9 ounces with the bug netting.

The zipper allows for very easy entrance and exit, even when I use a zipperless bag. Under a tarp, especially with the hood tied up, this feels like a complete shelter, and has kept my bag dry during rains with lots of splash happening.

I have had zero problems with condensation in this bivy, and have no complaints at all regarding the performence of the fabrics, top or bottom.

It is not cheap, and worth every penny.

Gregory Doggett
( Gregory )

A good choice for people with lower back problems. on 04/07/2008 20:50:19 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

The only time this bivy doesn't occupy a place in my pack is in high summer when I switch to a Oware Draw Cord.
I had some lower back issues for awile and the side zip entrance really helped me get in and out without undue twisting and stress to my lumbar.
It works especially well with a Gatewood Cape and its slanted walls near the head end where struggling to get in or out of a top entry bivy can make for some interesting contortions, particularly when trying to avoid touching a condensation laden wall.
With the side zip you just unzip, bend your knees, put your hands behind your knees and rock up to a sitting position.
I'm 6'-1" and the regular size fits me fine.
With the bivy zipped up and bug netting in place I almost always get condensation on the silnylon "bathtub" sides between where my sleeping pad ends and the Quantum begins.
I don't see this as bad because I just naturally put off a lot of moisture even if I'm not visibly sweating.
My wife almost never gets condensation in her bivy.
We return to the car from a hike, my side of the vehicle's windows fog up, her's are clear.
I think the Side Zip is a great choice for anyone but I especially recommend it to folks with lower back problems who need to keep the twisting and turning to a minimum when entering or exiting a bivy and for use under a Gatewood Cape.

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