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MiniBullDesigns SSBIT

in Stoves - Alcohol

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kevin davidson
( kdesign )

Mythical State of Jefferson
MiniBullDesigns SSBIT on 07/06/2007 11:51:53 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Another very fine MBD alcohol stove. This one is a pressurized top jet design that produces a flame narrow enough to use with Heine and Foster can/pots.
It was ostensibly designed to retrofit Esbit solid fuel stoves, resting on top the stove stand (works with the BPL sold Ultralight Outfitters stove) but is a great standalone stove, as well. It does require a homemade pot stand and windscreen. Priming is easy---a few drops on the integral wraparound wick pressurizes the 1 oz. max fuel capacity and once going will boil water in around 7-8 minutes and a total burn time of around 11 minutes. Weight is 12 g.

5 points for being light, easy to prime and able to work with all my SUL cookware.

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