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MSR Mug Mate Coffee Filter MSR coffee filter

in Cookware - Other

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Phil Barton
( flyfast )

MSR Mug Mate Coffee Filter MSR coffee filter on 03/23/2007 14:05:50 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Mike Clelland's article, "Techniques and Gear for the Lightweight Backcountry Coffee Connoisseur" (BackpackingLight Magazine, Issue 6) was a home run for me. I sorta, kinda, oh maybe a lot, enjoy a good cup of coffee.

What I'm finding works well for me is cowboy coffee. I always knew that cowboy coffee would produce a tasty cup. Finally, Mike has shined the light on what helps solve the final puzzle, how to deal with those pesky grounds? I had a MSR Mug Mate Coffee Filter sitting on the shelf. After receiving for Christmas a while back, I'd decided that its suggested steeping technique for coffee was just too weak to enjoy. But now with cowboy coffee, there's good contact between the grounds and hot water. The cowboy coffee steep in the pot produces a quality, life-giving extraction. The MSR filter works much better as Mike suggests for a pour through filter rather than a steeping device.

Obviously, the lid included with the MSR Mug Mate is not needed. It's gone. Next will come a look at how to trim down the fat on this .63 ounce beauty.

After suffering through bad instant, lackluster coffee in bags, a poor use of the MSR filter, I've finally found a reasonable approach for backcountry coffee.


I realize that there are some poor, decaffienated souls out there. This review will seem like a piece of lunacy to you. But there are those that will immediately understand just what I mean.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: MSR Mug priced at: $11.96 - $14.99
Jay Wilkerson
( Creachen )

East Bay
MSR MugMate perfect for Cowboy Coffee on 03/10/2009 10:58:03 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

It does not get any simpler then MugMate for cowboy coffee. Just add coffee grounds to the MugMate and put it in your cup/pot- let it seep for a few minutes and then perfection!! If you want more flavor and caffeine just stur your spoon around in the MugMate to release even more good stuff. The MugMate comes in at 0.6oz--loose the lid no need for it. I was thinking it could also be used as pre-water filter(Multi-Use Item) into to your Platy to keep the water floaties out. The MugMate is a excellent tool to get your caffine dream. (High Five)

Price comparison from GearBuyer: MSR Spoon priced at: $4.21 - $4.95

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