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Base Designs 1000ml Titanium Pot

in Cookware - Titanium

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Richard Scruggs
( JRScruggs )

Base Designs 1000ml Titanium Pot on 03/07/2007 22:50:00 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Just received one of the 1000 ml Base Designs titanium pots from ProLite. At $19 plus shipping (and shipping is free within USA if order exceeds $50), this pot appears to be a bargain for what appears to be a larger version of BPL's 500ml pot -- and with no lid fitting problems as the result of a "simple" feature described below.

The BD 1000ml pot has a folding handle, AND IT SIMPLY COMES WITH NO LID. For that reason, there's absolutely none of the lid-fitting problems to remedy. Just make your own lid with foil or material of your choice, and save valuable resources and weight, as well as money.

If a "real" lid is desired, and if an MSR Titan Kettle (.85L size) is available, the MSR Titan's lid does fit very nicely on Base Designs' 1000ml pot. Not as snug a fit as on the MSR Titan pot for which the Titan lid is made, and with which a slight tug is required to separate the Titan lid from the Titan pot. The fit of the Titan lid with the 1000ml pot is nevertheless very good, due largely to the design of the Titan lid with its lip that rests on the pot rim while the remainder of the Titan lid "seats itself" within the pot's rim rather than just laying on top of it.

BONUS FEATURE: The dimensions of Base Designs' 1000 ml pot are near perfect for carrying (and protecting) the Bushbuddy Ultra. One or more BPL posters have elsewhere noted that a Bushbuddy fits well inside the MSR Titan .85 Kettle, with the Titan's lid placed upside down over the top as a cover. Same result with the 1000ml Base Designs pot when combined with the MSR Titan lid.

In fact, IMHO, it appears that the Base Designs' pot used with a Titan lid protects the Bushbuddy better than if the same lid is used with the Bushbuddy inside an MSR Titan pot. This is perhaps because Base Designs' pot is a bit taller than the MSR Titan (but only a very little bit), and the Titan lid therefore rests more on the pot rim with little pressure on the Bushbuddy inside the pot, which is (for me) an issue when trying to use the Titan lid to carry and protect the Bushbuddy inside the MSR Titan pot.

Dimensions of Base Designs' 1000ml Titanium Pot:

Weight w/o any lid is about 2.79 oz (NOTE: 78 grams, as measured on a Sunbeam Digital Scale, Model SP5)

Exterior height is 3 5/8"

Exterior diameter is about 4 3/4"

(NOTE: The diameter of the Base Designs 1000ml pot varies slightly, plus or minus about one-eighth of an inch, when measured across different points of its circumference. In other words, the pot does not appear to be perfectly round due to flexibility of its very thin walls, which are more easily bent than heavier titanium pots like an MSR Titan or similar pots.)

Final Note: The handles of the 1000ml are attached in the same manner as the handles on the BPL SUL 500ml pot, and can be removed (I suppose) to realized more weight savings. I did not notice that ProLite offered a "handless" version, and haven't tried to remove the handles from the pot I received.


ADDENDUM: If BPL has a backlogged inventory of 500ml pots that have ill-fitting lids, perhaps a solution would be to market them without any lid and with much reduced price. Since Base Designs' 1000ml pot (without lid) can be had for only $19, maybe the 500ml pot (also without lid) could be marketed for about half that price.

Only an off-the-cuff idea for dealing with pot inventory that might exist. Can't imagine what might then be done with lids that have no pots. Perhaps a future as raffel prizes? Just joking.

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