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Staying Safe In Bear Country DVD

in Books and Media

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Tim Cheek
( hikerfan4sure )
Staying Safe In Bear Country DVD on 02/22/2007 20:54:45 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

This is an instructional DVD on what to do when confronted with a bear in the wild. The narration, sound and film are excellent given the fact that they are filming wild bears.

The 48 minutes aren't cheap. It cost me $22.99 on I might have lowered my rating to four because of the expense, but the content is a six.

What you get with this DVD are the visual cues needed to react appropriately. It is easy to describe how to stay away from a bear's personal space in words, but a book falls short when describing the behavioral differences between a defensive bear and a predatory bear. How one should react differently to the two behaviors is explained and summarized.

This is a serious DVD for people traveling in bear habitat, not a Hollywood-esque film intended to entertain. The first few minutes highlight some of the media myths and then explains that what follows is video of unscripted bears in the wild.

I will never forget the grizzly I saw in the Northwest Territories. If you have had experiences with bears, or simply imagine experiences with bears, this DVD will give you more confidence to travel wisely among them.

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