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Mountain Hardwear SuperMega UL2

in Shelters - Double Wall Tents

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Holubar D
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Mountain Hardwear SuperMega UL2 on 06/04/2012 19:13:54 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I bought a Mountain Hardwear Supermega UL2 to replace an MSR Hubba.

I wanted a freestanding tent so I passed on the Easton Kilo 2P and the Big Agnes Fly Creek series.

I never cared for the Hubba for a couple reasons.

First, the fly backside was nearly vertical. It was almost concave and acted like a big sail. Why MSR didn’t extend the fabric out just a bit is beyond me. Yes, I know you should attempt to pitch your tent with the proper sides toward the prevailing winds, but they tend to shift…. The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1, while larger inside, has the same overly vertical backside fly design. I just don’t like it.

Secondly, the Hubba was just too tight inside.

The Hubba’s headroom was good though and the vestibule was very roomy.

The MH SMUL2 (supermega UL2) is a quantum leap in comfort and stability.

First, it has just as much headroom as the Hubba. I know what the specs say, but mine measures out at 37” from floor to the crossmember peak and slightly higher at the midsection. I am 6’ tall and I have plenty of headroom. Due to the increased width, I actually feel like I have more headroom than I did with the Hubba. Specs don’t always tell you the whole story. The Hubba maxes out at 40” but it’s in the middle of the tent. The ends get much lower very quickly. The SMUL2 simply has more overall headroom. Amazing.

The front width measures 55” which is over twice as wide as the Hubba. I can actually move around in this tent. The listed length and rear width is accurate. There is a lot of floor space for one person in this tent. Two would be cramped, but I bought this tent for myself only.

I was concerned that a front entrance opening would radically hurt ingress/egress. However, the tent is so wide and high at the front that getting in and out is just about as easy as it was with the Hubba. It is certainly much easier than any other front entrance tent I’ve ever owned.

The vestibule is smaller than the Hubba, but not enough to bother me. I can still put all my stuff under it at night, and I have room inside to put items as well. The Hubba had no room inside for anything but me.

The tent is far more stable than the Hubba ever was, largely due to the much larger front and rear hoops. The fly covers very well and has pull outs attached to the inside that pull out the tent body midway to further increase interior space.

The aerodynamics of this tent are far more confidence inspiring than the Hubba. I could pitch this tent in any direction and not worry about it.

The fabrics are very thin and light but I have no concerns with the strength. Nothing looks like it is stressing out when it is being pitched like some tents I’ve owned.

The initial weight straight out of the box was 2lb 11.25oz. I replaced much of the cordage with 1.25mm Z-line, and a few stakes with titanium needles, which lowered the weight a few ounces. But, I put a coat of Nikwax SolarProof on the fly so the total weight is now 2lbs 9.25 oz. I figure the UV protection is worth the extra two ounces.

My old Hubba weighed 3lbs 3oz, and it had an aftermarket CF pole setup!

So, the SMUL2 weighs less, packs smaller, is far roomier and is much more stable. I can live with that.

I have spent a few nights in this tent. I am pleased with it. Thank you MH for creating this design.

This is definitely the best one person tent I’ve ever used.

Edited by on 06/04/2012 21:40:52 MDT.

Price comparison from GearBuyer:
MSR Hoop priced at: $350.00
MSR Hubba priced at: $246.95 - $329.99
MSR Shift priced at: $90.00

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