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Andy Howell
( ecotrend ) Titanium Honey Stove on 05/29/2012 03:59:58 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

The Honey Stove has been around for a while in a stainless steel format which in all hinesty has always flet to heavy to use for backpacking, although it has become a firm favourite with the bushcraft community.

The Honey Stove is now available in Titanium and this is now certainly an option for backpackers.

The concept is simple. A number of titanium plates (very thin grade titanium) with tabs are linked together to form a hexegonal shape. A base grate is simply slotted into the sides. What you then is a large diameter stove. Pots smaller than the diameter (most of them) are suspended above the fire by two thin titanium pegs that can be of adjustable height. In practie thi means that most pots have their base below the top of the stove which gives this stove more wind protection than say the Bushbuddy.

The wide diameter and capacity of this stove make it expetionally easy to use and to get a really good fire going with it. The stove comes with a stainless steel grill to allow you to grill food and this makes this stove more versitile than many other favourites, yes you can do this with many stoves but not as conveniently as this.

The stove can be assmebled in a smaller square format. It can also serve as a windshield for an alcohol or esbit stove and alcohol stoves can be held securely in place by virtue of another thin insert.

The standard package inlcuding grill weighs 160 grams but you can cut this down by only taking with you the parts that you need.

The design may be simpler than other stoves including my favourite Bushbuddy but the extra diameter means that this stove lights quickly and peformas exeptionally well.


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