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Hilleberg Soulo

in Shelters - Double Wall Tents

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Matthieu Lienart
( TozaiTrek )
Hilleberg Soulo on 04/03/2012 21:04:54 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Two years ago when we climbed Iōdake (硫黄岳) and Akadake (赤岳) early spring with a friend, I had the occasion to spend a night in his brand new Hilleberg Allak. We had talked a lot about tents with him before he decide to go for the Hilleberg and I have to say that I was impressed. To the point that since then I keep borrowing his tent for all my winter mountaineering or snowshoe trips (like the Kita-Yokodake (北横岳) – Futagoyama (双子山) traverse or Jōshu-Hotakayama (上州武尊山) in 2011 winter). I needed to change my one person Vaude Hogan Ultralight Argon tent, as it is not a real free-standing tent and it is too complicated to pitch on snow or in a storm. Naturally I decided to go for a Hilleberg tent and I bought the Soulo tent. I propose you a review of it.

A completely free standing solo tent that is both expedition-ready and ultralight.

The price and the 2.2kg, compare to single wall tents, might discourage some of you. But with the Hilleberg Soulo, you have the ventilation/strength/protection advantages of double wall tents and easy pitching advantage of single wall tents. Why hesitate when you can the cake and eat it too ? It is quite priceless in extreme conditions or place where the air is humid like in Japan.

If you don’t do anything extreme and don’t need a tent you can pitch fast and easily in a storm or weight is really your key criteria, then you might find lighter and cheaper elsewhere.

If you want the details of ease of use/ventilation/protection/wind stability/duration... read the detailed review on my blog:

Edited by TozaiTrek on 04/03/2012 21:05:45 MDT.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Hilleberg Soulo priced at: $559.95
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