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Alpacka LLC Customer Service

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Dale Whitton
( dwhitton - M )

Alpacka LLC Customer Service on 02/28/2012 02:13:03 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Over the last six months I've been firmly bitten by the packrafting bug. With little background in whitewater it wasn't a surprise when I came adrift on an early trip and my Alpacka become wedged against a rock by the swift current and I couldn't shift it.

Even though I was on a relatively remote river, some other paddlers came by and hauled the boat off with a rope. In the process the spraydeck was torn.

I sent pictures to Alpacka who recommended I send it back for repair. Amazingly they did this under warranty ! As far as I was concerned the damage was my fault (beginner mistake) however Alpacka insisted on repairing it for free and turned it around in a matter of days.

I'm based in Australia so their postage charge wasn't cheap either.

So a big thanks to Nancy who always answers emails promptly and with a great sense of humour !

I unreservedly recommend Alpacka and their products !

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