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Vargo Outdoors Jet-Ti

in Stoves - Canister

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Eric Blumensaadt
( Danepacker )

Mojave Desert
Vargo Outdoors Jet-Ti on 01/15/2007 14:13:25 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

The Jet-Ti is a minimalist canister
stove similar to the MSR Pocket Rocket and Brunton/Primus Crux, et al. The difference is that the Jet-Ti is made mostly from titanium and therefore is quite strong as well as lighter,at 2.7 oz., than steel models. As with all Vargo titanium products, the quality is outstanding.

The thing I like best about the Jet-Ti is its total flame control. Also the burner area gives a wider flame pattern than several other similar minimalist canister burners, giving more even heat for your pot. The valve may be the best of any canister burner. The design is simple, robust and very high quality, as its over $60. price would suggest.

As with any canister-top burner the setup requires an additional 3-leg plastic canister stand for the safety of extra stability, especially with small canisters. I ordered a Primus folding plastic canister stand, which can accomodate either small or regular iso-butane canisters.

One suggestion for a backup stove in case you guess wrong on your canister fuel supply. (A common problem) Get Backpacking Light's 3-leg titanium folding "wing" stove for ESBIT tabs. and carry a half dozen tabs. This will insure that you always have a means to boil water. Each tab lasts about 8 to 10 minutes, depending on altitude. A light windscreen is a necessity with ESBIT stoves. The reason I suggest this backup arrangement is that ESBIT tabs burn hotter than alcohol and are far lighter and smaller per BTU than alcohol.

Edited by Danepacker on 04/11/2007 10:31:10 MDT.

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