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Tarptent Hogback

in Shelters - Double Wall Tents

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Brian Gunney
( gunney )

Northern California
Tarptent Hogback on 11/23/2011 23:03:49 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I've used the Hogback for 5 trips (10 nights). Though we had only 3 days with rain/snow and never with any winds, the tent was always very dry and comfortable.

The tent came with the inner net already attached, and I've never detached it.

Seamsealing was easy (this was my second tent sealing job).


- Very roomy inside, thanks to the vertical walls all around. The tent design is truly excellent and innovative. I usually have my wife and kids (age 7 and 9) in the tent and find it very roomy. There's sufficient room in the tent for gear, which is fortunate because the vestibules are too small.

- The tub floor stands up really well.

- Easy to set up, though the pole sleeve could be bigger to make it easier to insert and extract the pole, especially when the tent is wet.

- I like the top center loop for hanging stuff on. I hang my headlamp there where it serves as a ceiling light. I wish there was a couple additional loops off to the sides as well, especially because I don't find the storage pockets very useful.

- Construction quality and material is excellent.

- The tent is fairly easy to set up and break down. The fluffy, slippery silnylon material is a bit unwieldy to stuff into the sack, but with a little practice, it's not so bad.

- The nail stakes are relatively easy to push into the ground. I had two stake heads come off when I tried to pull out the stakes. Luckily, I was able to pull the rest of the stake out after some effort. I glued the heads back on with some epoxy I found in my garage, and they have not come off.


- Two small storage pockets are sewn into the tub rim right under the net door. I think this is the worst place possible for the pockets. The weight of the fill pockets pull the tub rim down. It gets in the way of squeezing through the door. Why not move the pockets to the other side of the vertical part of the zipper but still next to the door? Then they'd be held up right where the netting is held firmly by the pole. They'd be easily accessible without having to crawl into the tent. They'd be out of the way as one enters and exit the tent.

- Vestibules are to skinny. Yes, I could fit two pack each into each vestibule, but they'd be partly exposed at the gap between the fly and the ground and they'd touch the fly. They'd get wet easily from condensation on the fly and falling rain.

- The netting is attached to the fly through a number of loops and hooks on each. While the hooks on the fly are evenly spaced, the top hook on the netting seems to be off center by about 6-8 inches, so it doesn't line up with its counterpart on the fly. If I slide the fly down the pole so that the center loop lines up with its hook, all the other loops are off centered. I don't know if this is a mistake or a feature. There's more stress on the tent than I'd like because of this.


- I don't know how this tent will this hold up in a bit of wind. I like the two extra loops for tying guy lines, but when used, they put a little kink in the fly zipper that makes operating it not so smooth. This is minor.

- I don't know how bad or good the condensation is on this tent. Yes, there's been condensation inside and outside the fly, but that might have been due to ambient conditions. I've never seen a tent that is perfectly free of condensations. I've never had a problem brushing against the condensation or having it drip into the tent.

I love this tent. Thanks, Henry, for creating it. I'd like to give it a perfect rating, but I think there's a few tweaks to be made to the design.

I got a prompt response from Henry after posting this review. He had me ship the tent back to repair the misalligned netting/fly attachment. (He paid for the shipping.) I received the repaired tent a couple of weeks later. Like a lot of folks here, I found Henry's service exemplary.

Edited by gunney on 01/11/2012 22:39:41 MST.

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