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Bozeman Mountain Works SpinSack NANO Ultralight Stuff Sack (Size M)

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b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Bozeman Mountain Works SpinSack NANO Ultralight Stuff Sack (Size M) on 12/23/2006 14:51:10 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

BMW Spinsack NANO medium stuff sack

The Bozeman Mountain Works (BMW) SpinSack NANO UL medium stuff sack is everything I was hoping it would be - SUL/UL, sturdy, and functional for my uses.

I feel very lucky to have this UL, or even better SUL stuff, sack. I have been dodging using stuff sacks because of the goal of getting a 2 - 3 day pack, total weight w/ food under 10 lbs.

Yet, stuff sacks are invaluable for helping to protect gear from abrasion, moisture, dirt, etc. They also help me pack items in a more balanced and "tight" manner conserving pack space. Therefore, I was very interested in trying out the BMW SpinSack NANO medium size stuff sack for my sleeping bag + BMW NANO bivy sack sleep system.

The simple answer to my concerns was: there are none after using it. (Photos below.)

The sack is precisely what is described on the BPL Gear Shop web page at:


Ultralight: Compare these to standard silnylon stuff sack from other manufacturers, which are typically up to 1.5 oz at this size
Drawcord: Spectra
Toggle: Mini-toggle (0.25" x 0.875" / 0.6 cm x 2.2 cm)


Dimensions: 12" length x 7" diameter - (30 cm x 18 cm)
Volume: 500 ci (8.2 L)
Weight: 0.295 oz (8.4 grams) *** nearly 40% lighter than SpinSack LITE Stuff Sacks"

The seams are well done, under pressure they do not spread or start to separate when the NANO stuff sack contains a 32 F Mountain Hardwear Phantom down bag, size regular, and a Bozeman Mountain Works Vapr NANO bivy sack, size regular.

What makes this stuff sack a real 5 is the attention to detail in design and concept leading to an SUL/UL stuff sack with a choke collar + underlying material flap to seal out dirt, moisture, etc. A stopper on the choke cord, and the real extra thoughtful feature of a pull loop at the bottom, as shown here:

Bozeman Mountain Works SpinSack NANO medium, stuffed with Mountain Hardwear 32 F Phantom down sleeping bag (regular) and Bozeman Mountain Works Vapr NANO bivy, regular.

BMW Spinsack NANO medium stuff sack stuffed

Mouth end of BMW NANO medium stuff sack, with stopper closed and protective flap in place under the opening area; stuffed as per above description.

BMW Spinsack NANO medium stuff sack mouth end closed

Sealed end with pull tab BMW NANO stuff sack, medium; stuffed ditto above.

BMW Spinsack NANO medium stuff sack sealed end with pull tab

Empty Bozeman Mountain Works SpinSack NANO stuff sack, medium on MH Phantom sleeping bag inside BMW Vapr NANO bivy (black upper, white lower/bottom, size regular)

BMW Spinsack NANO medium stuff sack empty with sleeping bag and bivy

Even if this sack seems pricey, it is worth it when I consider that without it I can damage or ruin a far more expensive sleeping bag and/or bivy sack by abrasion in a pack, moisture or dirt, spills, etc. getting to the sleeping bag or bivy while in or out of the pack.

So this stuff sack is a 5 because of workmanship and ultra- or super-ultra light weight, and it has all the features of much heavier and still expensive alternative stuff sacks.

Edited by bdavis on 12/24/2006 16:50:58 MST.

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