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Target/Walmart/Etc. Cookie Cooling rack (for grill) $1.75 - 5 oz.

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b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Target/Walmart/Etc. Cookie Cooling rack (for grill) $1.75 - 5 oz. on 12/16/2006 10:17:17 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I have used "cheap" commercial products for years in sailing, sea and land kayaking, and camping when I could. Such products are readily available, can be light weight, and low cost alternatives to more expensive items.

The cookie cooling rack is an example. These racks come in all sizes and weights and are generally found in every cooking section of major grocery stores, Walmarts, Targets, ShopKo's, etc. They are used for cooling cakes or cookies, and I imagine other things. They are also cheap, the one in the picture cost like $1.75 US or so. 10" x 10", weighs 5 oz.

cookie cooling rack

I cut them in various shapes over the years for different purposes. Cutting one in half down the middle support spoke gives a 5" x 10" grill, weight 2.5 oz.

cookie grill cut in half

That size effectively, efficiently, and economically spans a small rock sided cooking pit. I have also set up larger fire pits so that there is a smaller pit within the larger, depending on how you place a few rocks. Create a larger fire for heating your body and getting good coals going. Scrape coals into the smaller area after the fire burns down some and add small bits of wood to heat up and cook food on the grill. Then rebuild the fire for body warmth and light.

The grill works for cooking with light weight pans or pots, or using aluminum foil as a pan, if not straight on the grill.

The UL version for use over very small fire pits or other flame source is to cut it into 1/4 sized grill which would be 5" x 5", weigh 1.25 oz.

Here is a picture of a chopped up piece of the cookie grill, weight 1 oz., on top of a Bushbuddy woodburning stove:

Piece of cookie grill on Bushbuddy.

Because of its availability, low cost, relatively light weight, and ease of modifying its size I would give this a 5. But ... people like Benjamin T and Bill F and others can make a lighter grill out of Ti rods. And that is the lightest weight to performance ratio and a 5. (See the thread "1 oz. Grill" at: )

Note on future applications/tests:

I plan to experiment with the grill over the Bushbuddy woodburning stove, UL Ti Esbit, and my SnowPeak Ti Giga.

Edited by bdavis on 12/16/2006 19:57:42 MST.

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