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Wells Lamont Vinyl Waterproof Gloves (1 oz.)

in Clothing - Wind & Soft Shell

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b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Wells Lamont Vinyl Waterproof Gloves (1 oz.) on 12/13/2006 23:12:32 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

Wells Lamont Vinyl Gloves

Update: On thinking about a rating, I lowered these to a 3. They get that rating because they are something I use.

But, I would only recommend them for someone who wants to work with them and use them only for what they are good for.

They are tight, don't breathe, and there are other choices which are probably much better in terms of L/ UL/ and SUL packing.

Also, in very cold weather I am not sure they are a good idea for other than brief use in digging in snow, over glove liners to reduce moisture getting into the glove liners.

Modified Original Review:

These are water proof, to a flaw. Breathability is out, they are painters or hardware vinyl gloves. They are very strong which is why I am reviewing them.

Unlike lighter weight painters or utility gloves, these have strenth and will wear a long time, for when they are needed.

Weight 1 oz. Added over poly or capilene glove liners they work great in the snow, for when you have to work on setting up a tent or putting snow in a pot.

They are also functional in rainy conditions for a reasonable time, since they do not breathe. They work with rain gear to keep your hands dry when trekking with poles, unless sweat builds up.

They need to be worn and stretched out before they will be easy, or easier, to put on, especially over glove liners. Also, I put talcum powder on my hands and then put them on when first using them at home so that they slide on easier; the talc tends to stick to the vinly insides so they are easier to put on later.

For 2 oz. total, using a 1 oz. pair of glove liners with these at 1 oz., I have a waterproof and somewhat insulated hand cover. They are certainly not for everyone, but I like the idea ... and the security of having dry hands in rain or snow, w/o much weight.

They are also really cheap, the picture is of 3 pairs which cost a couple of dollars.

Edited by bdavis on 12/14/2006 18:24:04 MST.

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