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Flyweight Designs FlytePacker

in Miscellaneous Products

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Justin Reigle
( jreigle )

SF Bay area
Flyweight Designs FlytePacker on 09/06/2011 22:07:05 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Granted, this is not the most backpacking specific product.... but, in terms of lightening your load while at the same time enjoying a bit of luxury while backpacking, this raft can't be beat for floating high calm lakes.

This raft is great. First, it's true to the specified weight if not an ounce or two under the stated weight. I purchased the cheap paddle from the FlyWeight Designs website and have been very pleased. Most efficient use is as Marc indicated to me in email - broken down into two segments and used while "laying" back to row backwards. With this, I can go faster than I really want to.

With such a light raft, packability is at a maximum (I used a ULA CDT for my recent trips with it). I would compare packed size to the size of a 10 lb bag of flour (though obviously only 2 lb or so). With paddles and repair kit, the whole operation is just shy of 3 lb.

I'm about 200lb and 6' - the fit is very comfortable. I could be taller and still fit well and heavier - flotation is great. Per my research,
I used a CCF pad for insulation from the cold water and emergency flotation, though this proved unnecessary in both cases - the latter really depends on your judgement of the the lake and your swimming capabilities.

Getting in/out are not particularly dry affairs - however, thoroughly manageable. Obviously, this depends on individual technique, skill, etc...

The craft navigates well and two of us used it (not at the same time!) to cruise around some nice high lakes fishing and exploring otherwise unreachable areas. Perfect for flycasting to overgrown spots near shore.

Get one of these rafts. It opens up new possibilities that are awesome.

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