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Granite Gear Outback Kitchen Sink

in Miscellaneous Products

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Laurie Ann March
( Laurie_Ann )

Ontario, Canada
Granite Gear Outback Kitchen Sink on 12/11/2006 08:23:42 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

The Granite Gear Outback Kitchen Sink weighs in at about 113 grams (4 oz). It holds 8.5 litres (2.25 gallons) which would hold more dishwater than most of us use. The sink is constructed of heavyweight nylon on the exterior and the interior is Ripstop.

The kitchen sink made cleanup easier and I found that less water was wasted than with other methods. I tend to bake in the backcountry so I dirty a few more dishes than your average thru-hiker. The sink does tend to ooze a tiny bit of water through the nylon if the water sits in it for a long period of time. It dries quickly and if we are resting in the same spot for several days then I put all of my pots and eating utensils inside the sink and then place it in the pack for hanging. It certainly makes it easy to grab the kitchen gear out of the pack at the next meal time.

The Outback Kitchen Sink by Granite Gear is a handy item that is compact and light enough not to add too much to your load yet roomy enough for washing bigger items.

Price comparison from GearBuyer: Granite Gear Kitchen Sink priced at: $21.95 - $25.95

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