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The Backpacker's Photography Handbook by Charles Campbell

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Laurie Ann March
( Laurie_Ann )

Ontario, Canada
The Backpacker's Photography Handbook by Charles Campbell on 12/07/2006 17:41:32 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Being out in the wilderness offers great opportunities to view wonderful sights. Often we want to capture a vista on film so that we may share the memory with our friends and family. This isn't always easy because there are many elements that can effect how our pictures turn out. Professional nature photographer, Charles Campbell, has written a handbook to teach us how to create better pictures on our self-propelled journeys.

The Backpacker's Photography Handbook is a great field guide covering everything from lighting and composition right through to dressing properly for the outdoors. This book is, simply put, a course in wilderness photography. Campbell discusses issues such as climbing with your camera or taking your camera on the water. He talks about camping gear, food and first aid.

Campbell has also created the Chroma-zone exposure system that helps you learn how to use light to create great photos every time. The Chroma-zone exposure system utilizes colored cards to assist you with setting the proper exposure. Other topics include depth, design and movement. There is also a useful section on storm photography.

Not only is the book beautiful to leaf through but it is a useful tool for any budding photographer venturing into the great outdoors. I found the photos and quotes throughout the book inspiring and interesting. The Backpacker's Photography Handbook is a must have reference for any nature lover's camera bag.

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