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Schrade (Taylor) SP-2 Folding 3" lightweight pocket knife

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b d
( bdavis )

Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
Schrade (Taylor) SP-2 Folding 3" lightweight pocket knife on 11/30/2006 10:54:08 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

Schrade (Taylor) SP-2 folding pocket knife 3" blade

The Schrade SP-2 Raider Lightweight Locbac folding pocket knife is my always take with me tool. (This was a 5 rated product until I discovered it is no longer made with serrations ... #$@!!!! ... mergers, acquisitions, high rolling money stuff ... bah humbug!!)

The Blade --

Blade is 3".

It has a serrated edge from the handle to about half way down the blade towards the tip. (Or at least mine does, I cant' tell if the one in the picture at the manufacturer's web page still has the serrations -- I am assuming it does. (-- Update: Sorry, just saw the new model does not have the serrations which would render it a 3, just for the stupidity and cheapness of taking them off the blade -- what a bunch of dingle berries.)

The serrations work really well and stay sharp and funtional, even after a lot of use. The rest of the blade is easy to sharpen, I always do it at the local Ace Hardware store where they have a display of quick sharpening tools for sale w/ demo models chained to the glass display case.

The Handle --

Handle is strong and light synthetic stuff. Has textured surface so it is easy to hold onto even in cold or with gloves on. Opens and closes easily. Has a hole in the end so you can tie a lanyard through it, great feature to have in a small cheap knife.

The Weight --

My scale won't really weigh it at around 1 oz. This is the lightest, thin, strongest, serrated and standard blade combo knife I ever found.

The Price --

I got mine at Ace Hardware for $7.98 a couple of years ago, probly before Schrade went bankrupt and was taken over by Taylor Industries. At least Taylor was smart enough to keep the knife in production, unlike what happened with the best Smith & Wesson knife I ever owned, lost, and had to try to find again and discovered it was out of production. You can see the knife picture at the Taylor/Schrade web pages at:

Here's a picture of my two Schrade's, rest their departed design's souls -- one folded with the lanyard and one open on a Platypus .5 liter for scale.

Schade Knife - open and closed

Edited by bdavis on 11/30/2006 13:04:25 MST.

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