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in Foods - Energy Bars, Gels, and Drinks

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Vlad Putin
( Primaloft37 )

Radio Free Pineland
Car-boom! All flavors on 11/14/2006 00:32:42 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I was introduced to Car-boom! energy gel by a retired Air Force Pararescue guy on a BSA sponsored 50 miler. When you are really run down and "hitting the wall" you break open the Car-boom! packet and suck it down, wash it down with water.

I thought it worked OK, taste is better than GU and other energy gels...way better IMO.

Downside to it is the fact these energy gel packs are heavy as they are not dry and they are expensive per pack. Personally, I think they are better for triathletes, marathoners and adventure racers due to their weight. Backpackers are probably better off sticking to lightweight, keep it simple stupid energy foods like sucking on hard candy, GORP, slim jims, etc.

But these gels have a use in modern day backpacking. And I have tried most of them and liked Car-boom! the best.

I would have given it a 5 if the packets werent heavy.


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