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Jon Hancock
( bigjackbrass )

Northwest England Mail consolidation and forwarding service on 02/04/2011 10:57:29 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

Not all companies ship overseas from the USA and in some cases receiving multiple packages means not only paying import duties, but also being charged a collection fee on top for every one. Consequently there has been a rise in recent years of companies who offer a US address for overseas customers, accept parcels on their behalf and then consolidate them into one shipment and send them on. is one such company, at least in theory. In practice you'd do better to ask a friendly ship captain to toss your goods overboard and hope they eventually wash up close to home. The seemingly slick website hides a bug-ridden customer shipping management system and also sports an entertainingly imaginative shipping cost estimator, which will pluck a figure from the aether for your amusement: the actual amount VIAddress charge you for shipping may well be two or three times the estimate.

VIAddress don't answer the 'phone (each time I tried I went straight through to an automated answering system which announced that its message box was full) and don't do terribly well when it comes to email either. To give you an example, aside from ignoring multiple enquiries they also moved their business to an entirely different address without bothering to let the customers know.

Despite paying for FedEx priority shipping in October I only took delivery of my goods this week (February of the following year). Days passed, then weeks, and VIAddress continued to ignore my enquiries. I resorted to a PayPal dispute and VIAddress unhelpfully refunded the shipping rather than respond to my questions as to the location of my goods, which meant that PayPal considered the matter closed. In the end I only succeeded in retrieving the parcel after contacting the Elkhart County Sheriff Department who advised me to report the matter as a theft. Their detective looked into it and found no evidence of criminal activity, but he was rather scathing in his description of the company's organisation. Even so it took many more weeks (and of course paying the shipping fee again) to tease the parcel out of VIAddress's inept clutches.

The items, an ultralight quilt and bivy bag, did arrive undamaged, at least. It's especially annoying that the company I bought them from fulfilled their side of things excellently, keeping me informed and shipping the goods to VIAddress's location speedily; I'll be reviewing them separately.

In short: avoid unless you're of a mood to gamble.

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