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Mont-Bell UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #2

in Sleeping Bags - Mummy & Other

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Frank Steele
( knarfster )

Mont-Bell UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #2 on 03/23/2010 13:53:34 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I will start off by saying I am a cold sleeper. I started my Ultralight journey with a MB UL Spiral Down Hugger #3 bag, which weighed only 18.9 oz on my digital scale. I loved the weight and how compact it would get. But when the temperature hit 40 degrees, I was cooooold. So back the bag went.

I tried my son's Sierra Design Nitro 30, and the extra 2 oz of down (12 total) really made a difference, but I couldn't move at all, and there was no room for me to layer (I weigh 220 lbs and my son weighs about 90).

So I think I have found the perfect bag (for me anyway) The MB UL Super Stretch Down Hugger #2. Yes, it weighs more at 28 oz (2 oz more than the Nitro) but it has 4 more oz of Down than the Spiral #3 (total of 14 oz). It also has a draft collar, draft tube and more room!

The bag has individual baffles so that the down doesn't shift around. Some people like that some don't, I do. The Spiral DH#3 didn't have the little chambers.

The only complaint is that it will never fit in the compression sack it came with. I was able to get the #3 into the sack (Thanks Brett1234 for the diagonal zipper hint on your review of the #3) if barely. But I think they included the same sack for the #2 and there is no way it is going to fit in there. That is moot for me, since I store my bag in a silnylon waterproof bag when I am on the trail.

This bag lofts up great and is very warm. It stretches so far that i can stick my leg out completely when i am on my stomach in the "4" type position (leg out like a number 4).

Now for the bad news. It appears Mont-Bell has discontinued the UL Super Stretch Line. They have combined the Spiral and the Super Stretch technology into the new "UL Super Spiral Down Hugger series, and the don't have a #2. their site has an expedition, #0, #1, #, and #5. the new #3 weigh in at 21 oz (versus 19 for the UL Spiral) and the #1 weighs 2 lbs 4 oz (versus 2 lbs). They don't have a #2 option, which if you extrapolate, would weigh in at around 26 oz (Qualifying it for the 30 degree bag round one last month.

The good news is you can find this bag some places on sale now because the new line is coming out.

Bottom line Amazing bag.

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