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Camp Air Cr

in Climbing Gear & Accessories

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cameron eibl
( cjeibl )

San Diego
Camp Air Cr on 07/15/2009 18:52:48 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

An advertised weight of 238 g or 8.4 oz for a fully featured harness make this attractive for mountaineering and alpine climbing.

My initial impressions:
The harness is well constructed and does not restrict range of motion. While the front gear loops have a plastic sheath the rear gear loops are bare webbing which can make clipping gear some what difficult at first. The bare webbing does provide a significant comfort advantage when used with a pack. An ideal solution would be removable plastic pieces like Arc-teryx provides. The haul loop is very small and is located high on the harness requiring the addition of a length of tied webbing to make is usable as more than just a place to clip a chalk bag. The harness is surprisingly comfortable and certainly adequate for the occasional hanging belay. The materials used, while showing little wear, are light weight and as such make me hesitant to use it as my primary harness. The speed buckles make this harness incredibly easy to use. The elastic connecting the rear of the leg loops to the rear of the harness are not easily disconnected making changes of leg layers more difficult. In all I highly recommend this harness for mountaineering and alpine climbing.

Edited by cjeibl on 07/15/2009 18:55:26 MDT.

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