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Nunatak Teanaway Slipper

in 1 - COMPANIES (Customer Service)

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Jolly Green Giant
( regultr )

Nunatak Teanaway Slipper on 04/12/2009 21:55:58 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

It pains me to give a low rating to a company within the cottage industry of lightweight backpacking as I truly respect the customer service, innovation, and forward thinking that 99.9% of these companies have offered me in the past. I also acknowledge that I've heard nothing but positive things about Nunatak from others, it just happens to be my experience was poor.

I purchased a pair of the Nunatak Teanaway slippers which were the lightest down slippers I could find. I don't typically wear down slippers and decided to give them a shot for the simple reason that their listed weight was lighter than the pair of socks I typically wear in subfreezing temperatures and I figured I'd be warmer with the slippers.

I put in the order in January and heard nothing, not even a confirmation of the order. Three weeks went by and I sent an e-mail to Tom asking for a status check. He replied within 2 days and said he just cut the pattern that day and would have them out to me as soon as possible. A couple more weeks went by and I e-mailed Tom again. Tom said he was busy, but would get on top of it. At this point I was questioning whether he was truthful during our previous correspondence weeks earlier. About 7 weeks after placing the order I finally got the slippers. They looked good in every way except for the fact that they weighed over 60% more than what was listed on the Nunatak website. I sent an e-mail to Tom telling him that I wanted the slippers at the weight which was advertised on his website and he immediately replied apologizing, saying he didn't know why they were so heavy, and that he would make a new pair immediately. I should mention that the weight of the Teanaway slippers I received, the lightest down footwear Nunatak sells, was in reality as heavy as Nunatak's heaviest pair of down footwear. I returned the slippers with a letter summarizing the conversation and looked forward to a lighter pair. Several more weeks went by and I hadn't heard anything, so I sent Tom another e-mail. His response was that he decided to issue me a refund because he couldn't improve on his product. Of course, he never bothered to tell me that and I had been waiting this whole time, a total of 4 months, for the very product that he claimed to be making twice.

Aside from what I would describe as terrible customer service and untruthful statements, I also personally think it is shameful to list something as simple as the weight of an item on his website when he knows them to be incorrect by quite a wide margin. The weight is still listed today and I doubt it will change. I wouldn't feel comfortable purchasing something from Nunatak in the future after this experience. Hopefully others will have better luck.

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