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Icebreaker GT220 Quantum Zip

in Clothing - Baselayer & Fleece - WOOL

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Peter Gurin
( intheswim )
Icebreaker GT220 Quantum Zip on 03/12/2009 09:43:12 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I tried a couple long sleeves icebreakers. First one was the Mondo Zip which i found the neck to be too tight and the zipper annoying when zipped up. I also tried the Bodyfit260 Tech Top and found the neck too long. Also the garment felt very heavy (but i forgot to weight it). Also the Bodyfit 260 TT doesn't have eyelet gusset which i consider very important.

The GT220 Quantum I believe has every feature possible except articulated sleeves like the GT 280 Zip Thru has.

The eyelet gusset give the GT220 way better movement then the BF260TT in my testing. Also the GT220 doesn't have as long of a neck as the BF260TT, which i found to be a good thing as the GT220 neck felt more comfortable.

The GT220 Quantum Medium weights in at 13oz. An email from Courtney at icebreaker told me that the GT280 Rapid Zip Medium weights 16oz.

The only thing i don't like about the GT220 is that the inside of the color is the same color as the pit color. So the inside of my color is neon green which is kinda annoying. ;p

Edited by intheswim on 03/12/2009 10:05:46 MDT.

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Icebreaker Mondo Zip - Men's priced at: $39.99 - $90.00
Icebreaker Tech Top - Men's priced at: $53.01 - $110.00
Icebreaker Tech Top - Boy's priced at: $41.97
Icebreaker Tech Top - Girl's priced at: $41.97
Icebreaker Tech Top - Women's priced at: $39.99 - $110.00
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