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Enertia Trail Foods Rainier Rice

in Foods - Prepackaged Meals & Side Dishes

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Curtis Presson
( Obdewla_X )
Enertia Trail Foods Rainier Rice on 11/05/2005 16:27:52 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

For those of you not familiar with Enertia Trail Foods, they make the best pre-packaged meals that I have found yet. Being dehydrated they are way better than freeze dried for sure.

Each meal is individually vacuum-sealed in an FDA food rated, stand up, waterproof barrier pouch. Each pouch has a re-sealable zipper and water measurement marks. Cuff the top down and use as a bowl and when you are done, they are great for packing out trash.

My favorite meal is the single serving Rainier Rice. It, like most of their meals, comes with its own spices and is very easy to prepare. It's fairly high in carbs (76) and calorie total (430) and taste great as is or you can add some Tabasco to really give it some zip. Takes about 10 minutes to cook - add boiling water, seal and set aside 5-7 min. Then add the pre-packaged spices, stir to mix, seal and set aside 5-7 min. How much easier could that be?

I repacksge my meals in cut down lunch bags and use the cook pot versus the pouch method. Same amount of cook time but less trash to contend with while your out.

Enertia makes many great choices for individual meals as well as bulk. Pricing is good and they ship your order for free. Check them out at

Edited by Obdewla_X on 11/05/2005 16:40:37 MST.

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Enertia Trail Foods Rainier Rice priced at: $3.80 - $4.95
Enertia Trail Foods Trail Foods priced at: $4.95
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