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JacksRBetter Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock

in Shelters - Hammocks & Accessories

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Christopher Williams
( clwilla )

The Bluegrass
JacksRBetter Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock on 08/24/2008 20:58:32 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

This new hammock boasts a completely different design than all other backpacking hammocks. Rather than the traditional gathered end hammock, the BMB is a suspension bridge design which allows for a completely flat lie. No funny angles to find, no hanging tricks, just a flat surface on which to lie.

It works fantastically. It can be a bit small for larger hikers (like me), but I have found that one get "squeeze" only when lying on my back with my hands to my sides. But on a flat surface, one need not lie on one's back. I can side sleep or stomach sleep with no problems whatsoever (unlike most other hammocks).

The pad slot allows for a sleeping pad for insulation to be used without having to lie directly on it, meaning that it won't shift through the night. It can also use one of their fabulous quilts easily as well if a pad isn't your gig, or in colder weather when a pad just won't do the trick.

The suspension is easy to set up, and adjustments are easy to make.

My one complaint about this product is the bug net. It works fine, but attaches all the way around the perimeter of the hammock with omni-tape. It's sometimes difficult to attach, particularly from the inside, and is reeeeeeeaaaaally loud at 4am when one needs to get out to have a bathroom break. In fact, the bug net, although fully functional, is pretty maddening.

The short of it is, after my first night in this hammock, I swore off ground dwelling forever. It weighs more than the traditional UL tarp setup (hammock with lines, bugnet, stakes and tarp weigh in at just over 3 lbs), but IMO, sleeping on the ground is for the dogs.

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