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Mountain Laurel Designs Kids Prophet

in Backpacks - Frameless

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Jeremy Pendrey
( Pendrey )

Mountain Laurel Designs Kids Prophet on 06/18/2008 22:28:43 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

It's about time someone made an ultralight frameless pack specifically for kids. I bought this pack for my 8-year old for her birthday, and we took it for a spin on a 3 day family trip to Pt. Reyes (wife and younger child also in tow).
The pack performed beautifully. We did not hear a single complaint from our daughter about comfort or weight (e.g., "it hurts," it's too heavy"). She was actually happy to be carrying her own gear (and I was even happier). Her North Face synthetic kids sleeping bag fit horizontally (very snugly) across the bottom of the pack. We deflated her 3/4 length 1" thick sleeping pad and folded it in quarters from top to bottom and then folded it in half the other way so that 1/8 of the pad surface created cushioning for her middle back above the sleeping bag. This worked well and was held in place by her clothing bag behind it. Her platy with drinking tube went in the outside pocket along with her stuffed otter, who seemed to enjoy the view of Pt. Reyes, despite the fog, from that vantage point.
On my unreliable home postal scale, the pack, with the optional sternum strap attached, weighed in at 10 oz even. MLD's website says 8.8 oz (not sure if that's without the sternum strap).
The material seems strong (as far as ultralight goes). No rips or tears or other calamities that I expected my daughter would unleash. The shoulder straps are somewhat cushioned; the waist belt is not, but this was not an issue because my daughter's total pack weight was so low.
Overall, at least based on our first use of the pack, this seems to be a quality ultralight pack for kids.

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