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Nano Technology Micro Ceramic Water Filter

in Hydration - Water Treatment

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3.00 / 5 (1 reviews)

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Sven Klingemann
( svenklingemann )
Nano Technology Micro Ceramic Water Filter on 05/14/2008 09:36:09 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

In my search for a light water filter I tried outNano Technology's Micro Ceramic Water Filter on a recent three day trip.
- Pros: Light weight! Less than 3oz. Filters out particles down to 0.1ยต and has a cartridge capacity of 530 gallons.
- Cons: Output is very low (as expected); it took me 5 minutes 30 seconds as opposed to the 3 minutes + advertised to purify 1 liter. Ouch! You also have to be extremely careful at having the pre-filter submerged, which is sometimes hard to achieve in flowing water. This would result in air getting pumped in and creating a vacuum (of sorts), making the pump inoperable.
I figured that out after thinking it was already broken; "correctly" submerging the pre-filter did alleviate the problem.
Overall, I would still take the pump with me but probably in addition to chemicals, whihc I would use if the water seems fairly clean.

Edited by svenklingemann on 05/14/2008 09:40:09 MDT.

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