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Wild Things Gear Customer Service

in 1 - COMPANIES (Customer Service)

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Joan McLean
( curls )
Wild Things Gear Customer Service on 01/10/2008 13:58:20 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

Bought an alpinist jacket made from Event. The cuffs absorb water and seeped water into the inside of the jacket when exposed to any rain. Your shirt / sweater etc. was guaranteed wet within just a few minutes in the rain.

I contacted customer service. Took a week to respond - they said to return it for repairs. Due to a time crunch (which they knew of) I couriered the jacket to them at a cost of $55. They promised to repair it right away and get it back to me as I was leaving on a trip that required a waterproof shell.Despite that the day the parcel was to arrive they closed the store and went out to do errands without leaving a note to drop the parcel next door (which they told me any good courier service would have known to do). I tracked the parcel and arranged a delivery the next day. Then their repair people were off till the next week so the jacket sat another four days. They said they would repair it and have it off to me Tuesday. They did ship it to me Wednesday ... by UPS ... listed as new merchandise. So I got hit with a $50 GST and tax bill (to Canada) which means I paid taxes on the item twice. Plus UPS left the package at the depot and it arrived the following week ... 2 days after I left on my trip.

Well that does happen. UPS's error was not their fault ... BUT the item was returned with the exact same problem I had sent it in to be repaired for. The cuffs still soak in the water ...


when I contacted the company to see if they would reimburse the taxes I was charged or any of the shipping they never replied even though they say 'free repairs.'

When I contacted to see if I could return or exchange the jacket they told me they tested the jacket, it was fine, no one else had complained, therefore I had no complaint, they would do nothing.

So much for their 'satisfaction guaranteed' promise!

I tested the jacket again. After one second exposed to 'rain' (simulated) the cuff edge begins to seep water inside the cuff. If you wear the jacket walking in rain it soaks in 1 - 2 cm worth of water (inside the cuff edge). Guess this is normal and acceptable to Wild Things Gear. It isn't to me. I replaced the jacket - tested my replacement - it is fine, does not leak / seep at all.

If anyone wants a $450 jacket that soaks through but is 'totally fine' according to the manufacturer, let me know, I have one gathering dust!

My rec - don't buy this product!

Edited by curls on 01/24/2008 12:26:33 MST.

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Richard Lyon
( richardglyon )

Bridger Mountains
Great Customer Service on 03/24/2008 13:57:56 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I don't doubt Joan's report - bad things occasionally happen even with great companies - but I'm surprised because my experience has been just the opposite. Latest experience is a good example. Wild Things sells its windshirts in two styles, full zip jacket with hood, and lighter weight pullover with no hood. I asked about a pullover with a hood. No problem. What's the extra charge? Nothing. Can you do a discontinued color? You bet. I had a similar experience with a pack, where my large torso meant a special size frame. No problem and no extra charge there either. I bought the pack during a sale and WT even gave me the discounted price on what was a custom order. I've also been pleased with the performance of every piece I've purchased from Wild Things, too, including my Belay jacket. I'm pleased to give this company top marks.

Update February 2012 - needed some information about a ten-year old pack, and my email (sent at 9 pm) was answered within two hours.

Edited by richardglyon on 02/02/2012 20:10:38 MST.

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Rod Lopez
( stormchaser )
Poor Customer Service on 02/13/2011 16:22:52 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 1 / 5

Spent nearly a year trying to order from these guys. Without getting into a long and boring story these guys do not keep any of the promises they make. They don't return calls when they say they will and don't hold items for you when they say they will. Will not be ordering from this company again.

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