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Mountain Laurel Designs Grace Solo Spectralite .60

in Shelters - Tarps & Floorless

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5.00 / 5 (2 reviews)

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Anitra Kass
( Anitraten )

Mountain Laurel Designs Grace Solo Spectralite .60 on 01/06/2008 00:34:18 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I used this tarp on my entire CDT thru hike. I held up great and kept me dry in many a storm. It is minimal but had sufficient space for me to keep my gear dry. I did use it in conjunction with an MLD bivy for both bug protection, extra sleeping bag warmth, as my ground cloth, and for rain spray protection.

It also shed freezing rain better than the other shelters I saw out there. In addition, any moisture on the outside of the tarp did not bleed through if I touched the inside of the tarp. I have always had problems with this when using Silnylon.

Being in quite a few windy, rain storms, I never had any doubts that the construction and stitching would hold up. I love this tarp and am ready to go at least another 2,000 miles with it! Thanks Ron, great product.

Edited by Anitraten on 01/06/2008 00:39:17 MST.

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Sean Nordeen
( Miner )

It's durable and held up for 5 years of ownership. on 08/11/2013 20:36:54 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I bought my MLD grace solo tarp in Spectralite (Cuben fiber to most of you) back in early 2008 just before Ron added the linelocks to the model. I've used it all over the southwest and the Sierra Nevada as well as a PCT thru-hike in 2009 and the northern 600 miles of the AT in late summer/early fall of 2012 which includes using it in the White Mtns. So I've carried it a large number of miles, used it in a variety of situations (wind, rain, snow), and have had it for several years. Combined with my bivy sack, its been my only shelter these past 5 years.

Now, I'm not rough with my gear so your mileage my vary. But even after more then 5 years, it won't die. I half keep hoping it will to more easily justify buying a new CF shelter; not because I need one but just the new-ness factor like that new car smell. The only issues that have come up are a few pin holes right next to the larger opening end. I'm still not sure what caused them; rubbing in the stuff sack with the stakes over the years, cooking under it near the opening, or something else. Your guess is as good as mine. However, the tarp is still waterproof. It's still strong and holds up well in strong winds. There is no signs of tearing or weakening near the tie-outs. Its nothing fancy, but just a durable, lightweight tarp.

Over the years, I've ordered several things from MLD and it always has been of excellent quality and the customer service has been excellent. He has always responded timely to my emailed questions. And when I lost my bivy sack early on my PCT thru-hike, he was quick to ship me a new one.

Edited by Miner on 08/11/2013 21:18:01 MDT.

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