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Granite Gear Airspace Stuffsacks

in Miscellaneous Products

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( DanG )

Pacific Northwet
Granite Gear Airspace Stuffsacks on 08/04/2005 09:03:06 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

These are silnylon stuffsacks but rectangular shaped and with a zipper down the middle. They are like a men's toiletry bag but made with ultralight materials. The nylon is kind of a translucent white which aids in finding stuff inside. Bathtub bottom so you can set it down on a wet surface.

The great thing about this bag is the easy access to the contents by opening the zipper. No more dumping out the contents of your small ditty bag to get at that one item you need that invariably migrates to the bottom of your bag.

The XXS size is the most usefull for the ultralighter. I like to use it as a ditty bag to put all those smaller miscellanous item.

4 out of 5 points due to the heavier weight compared to a lighter stuff sack. The XXS size weighs 1 oz, so about 1/2 oz heavier than an equivalent size silnylon stuff sack but the convenience factor makes the extra 1/2 oz worthwile.

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Glenn Roberts
( garkjr )

Southwestern Ohio
I thoroughly agree on 08/06/2005 13:59:48 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I use several of these, too - the XXS is the most useful, though I use an XS for my kitchen. It holds a weekend's worth of food, plus an Everlight .9L pot with stove inside. I've also used a pair of XS as makeshift side pockets for my Virga pack on a weeklong trip where bulk, not weight, was the problem. After a couple of day's food was gone, everything fit inside again, and the stuff sacks became stuff sacks again. The weight is definitely worth the convenience.

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