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Mary Jane's Farm Sante Fe Pasta

in Foods - Prepackaged Meals & Side Dishes

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Dwayne Thompson
( atonat )
Mary Jane's Farm/Backcountry Foods Sante-Fe Pasta on 08/03/2005 15:28:32 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

I first ate this meal when MSR distributed Mary Jane Butter's meals back in the late '90's. It is a very very tasty meal, light in weight, the paper packaging is made so that it can serve as the eating dual functionality; the bowl can be burned if burning is permitted; Healthy Idaho Certified Organically Grown Ingredents; I guess I could go on and on. In closing I just like supporting small businesses like hers and since her meals especially the Sante-fe Pasta are great it makes supporting her business a plus.

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Richard Matthews
( food )

Colorado Rockies
Yum on 08/04/2005 07:18:40 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Don't forget Nick's Couch Potatoes, Red Pesto Pasta and Mac & Cheese. Lots of olive oil with all of them. I generally add chopped turkey pepperoni or bacon crumbles.

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Greg Vaillancourt
( GSV45 )

When all else fails to entice on 01/13/2006 18:04:29 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 3 / 5

I have the odd problem of losing my appetite when backpacking.

I used to stare at my selection of freeze dried meals (Mountain House or BP Pantry) and home dehydrated selections and wonder what would taste OK.

Mary Jane's Farm meals are very good. I try to save them for day 3 or later when nothing else is appealing. I'm not a vegetarian but these are my favorite freeze dried meals.

Edit - Dropped the rating because I've had 2 very bitter packages in the last few months. When it is good it's good but boy have the bitter ones been awful.

Edited by GSV45 on 02/11/2007 16:00:43 MST.

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