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Gryphon Workshop Kilt ACU Digital Tatical Cargo Kilt

in Clothing - Wind & Soft Shell

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tim byrne
( mountainhanger )

Gryphon Workshop Kilt ACU Digital Tatical Cargo Kilt on 05/06/2014 07:03:45 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Kilt review Gryphon workshop kilt

My review of the tatical cargo kilt that i will use for hiking, and possibly just all around town..
Price : $175
Wait time: 15 days
Doing a basic google search can be exhausting but well worth the effort in this case! That is how i found this custom kilt maker from the west coast. Bob is the epitome of cottage vendors that we hold so dear. His responses to questions and questions of his own before the process began we fast and thorough. After some consultation we suggested the 50/50 nylon cotton blend. His suggest was spot on, Its lightweight, not microfleece, but durable material made me FEEL like i had my moneys worth as soon as put it on.
for the specs 52' waist, 19' drop, removable cargo pockets, via the molle system. TOTAL WEIGHT 39.1 OZ. Without Pockets 31.5 oz. (ea pocket weighs 3.8 oz).
The Kilt fit amazing right out of the box! big plus as I am a big guy and usually find that this kind of gear is hard to fit without fiddle factor. The Kilt has two removable cargo pockets that attach via a molle system along side the hips, which allow some adjustment for where you would like to carry the pockets if at all. The Pockets can also snap around a belt if you so desire or even to a molle system on your pack. The velcro fasten system is a big plus not only for fast on and off but it also come with a strap for fine tunning how tight you want the front the apron, this is hand espcially if your lackluster in the hip area. It can come with belt loops or not whichever you prefer. There is also a stash pocket on the inside of the apron which would be really handy espcially if you remove or have your cargo pockets elsewhere..this comes STANDARD and is part of his style.
The wearing of the kilt is amazing, i had it out for a short hike and did not slip or gather and generally felt "right" . I had it out in the rain and it almost seemed to bead the water for awhile and what did stay wet dried fairly quickly with nothing more then a good shake and 20 minutes.
Construction: This is a custom made craftsmanship kilt. The construction follows that with straight stitching and no loose or errant threads. the pleats are straight and sewn down appropriatly, and the thoughtfulness can be seen and felt throughout. The velcro waistband adjustment along with the inside velcro allows for generous size adjustment and the sewing and placement of these are impeccable.
Conclusion: While i admit being new to the kilt clan of hiking, I find this kilt to be of utmost value and a real joy to not only wear but purchase. The customer service is above reproach and the craftsmanship is unbelievable.. for the experience of hiking in it i had no fears of rubbing against brush traversin logs or sitting on them. the kilt holds up to big guy use and looks great at the end of the day. A simple wash and lay flat and your ready to go again. Being custom made while at first sounds expensive is actually cheaper then say a sport kilt with the same features..example..sportkilt hiker custom length with pockets and belt loops comes to about $135 and while a light microfleece with snag and rip easily. GRYPHON custom kilt with molle cargo pockets and custom made to your specs in ACU digital $175 plus shipping.. So the reality is for about $50 dollars more you get a custom kilt thats made from a more durable fabric and camo at that and about 7 days longer wait. Really is no comparision.
heres a short video and some pics. you get a chance check him out at

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