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Borah Gear "Borahgami"

in Shelters - Tarps & Floorless

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Jeremy Rardin
( JearBear )

Cumberland Trail
Borah Gear "Borahgami" on 11/22/2013 17:40:34 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

It weighs only 13.3 oz according to my scale and comes in a .35 oz silnylon stuff sack. The shelter itself is 30 denier silnylon. After placing an order, one will typically expect to to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before receiving the shelter. Since Borah Gear is a smaller company, some of their larger items are not made until the order is place. The obvious negative of this is that it requires planning on the consumers part to ensure they will get the a product by the time they need it. A positive of this is that the consumer can make special requests.

As can be seen on the manufacturer's website, there are many pitch options for the Borahgami. My personal favorite has been the simple A-frame Once I used this shelter ontop of snow in the mid 20s with the doors closed and I have no problem with condensation. It was not until sleeping with two people that I had any real problem with condensation, but opening up the wings allowed for enough ventilation to prevent it from being a problem.

In my experience, this shelter has adequately protected me from wind and rain. I am 6 ft tall 155 pounds and there is enough room for me to lay stretched out with my pack at my feet. A lighter solo option with more versatility would be a flat tarp/bivy combination, but this shelter eliminates the need for bivy (if condensation can be managed) and is very roomy as a solo shelter.

Unfortunately, my friend tripped over the tent while it was setup and broke off a tab that held a trekking pole in place. I had my friend sew it back on for me and now all is good. I can't put the blame on Borah because I can't say that this would have happened otherwise.

I like this shelter because it is very light, roomy enough for two people, and gives me a sense of privacy. I will continue to carry the Borahgami as my primary shelter.

Edited by JearBear on 12/22/2013 19:14:18 MST.

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