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BMW (BPL) UL 60 Balaclava

in Clothing - Headwear, Handwear

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4.25 / 5 (4 reviews)

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kevin davidson
( kdesign )

Mythical State of Jefferson
BMW Cocoon UL 60 Balaclava on 06/19/2007 15:28:49 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

Initial review, as I just received it. High BMW quality as always. Pertex Quantum and Polarguard Delta. Neat general detailing. Sample I have weighs 1.8 oz. ( listed at 2.1 oz.). This insulated balaclava is best suited as part of a sleeping system or other non-activitiy as the face opening does not offer peripheral vision. In all other ways the opening and volume can be adjusted to fit a wide size range but, the Balaclava is not as versatile as a hooded insulated jacket as it is not suited to wide field of vision requiring activities. This being said, it offers a lot of warmth for the weight---definitely better than the fleece balaclava (at the same weight) it will largely supplant.

I hope that the next generation of the balaclava will address this issue by designing a wide ovoid cut for the face opening, possibly with an elasticized periphery, which I think would be more comfortable than the elasticized drawstring which is currently used, when the opening is drawn tight.

Being as I bought the balaclava with use as part of a quilt sleeping system a primary consideration, I still give this a "4". it's unique on the market.

Edited by kdesign on 06/22/2007 20:15:15 MDT.

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Bill Fornshell
( bfornshell )

Southern Texas
Cocoon UL 60 Balaclava - Multi-Purpose on 07/08/2007 22:08:02 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 5 / 5

Cocoon UL 60 Balaclava - Multi-Purpose - 5/5

I have had my Cocoon Balaclava since they first shipped. When I got it I was in the middle of several things and just looked it over, put it on, blessed it as a "GO" and put it back in the box it came in. The last couple of days I have been checking over my winter gear and tonight came across the Cocoon Balaclava. I have spent a little time playing with it. The fit is OK and the way the cord holds it under my arm pits reminds me of the way my insulated pants / arm things work. I give this system a GO. Just play with it and you should see there is a system for how to adjust it. There are two cord locks for a purpose.

It weighs 1.8 ounces.

As I was putting it away I had a thought. I know it will be great at night in my sleeping system but how about during the day? Could I wear it as a hat. I put it on my head and rolled up the extra a bit. The cord / cord locks can be tighten a bit and it seems like it will work as an insulated hat when necessary. The Balaclava can be rolled down just enough to cover my ears or rolled up a bit to leave my ears uncovered. The velcro strip on the back can be adjusted a bit as necessary for a better fit.

Maybe all this is a moot point but I haven't read anything about the Cocoon UL 60 Balaclava and think it will be a great piece of "Multi-Purpose" gear for cool to cold weather.

Edited by bfornshell on 07/08/2007 22:10:16 MDT.

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Laurence Daniels
( GNR )

BMW (BPL) UL 60 Balaclava on 07/12/2007 13:17:05 MDT Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I am very happy with the overall workmanship and quality of the balaclava, and am excited for colder weather to use it with a hoodless bag as part of a sleeping system. Cool color too.

My only two gripes with the product so far are minor:

I was hoping that the face opening of the balaclava was elastic, so I could pull it over my head and use it as a gaiter when having it over my head would be too hot. I too have rolled it up and can easily see it being used as a hat of sorts.

The other gripe might be with my Thermawrap jacket, as when I'm wearing the balaclava, I can't fully zip up the jacket. No biggie, and will not stop me from using this unique item this fall/winter.

Harlan Bruce
( gbruce )

DFW MetroPlex
light, warm, but obstructs vision on 12/02/2008 18:53:53 MST Report Post Print

Rating: 4 / 5

I used this balaclava with my MLD XP quilt at about 38 degrees overnight. It is highly effective in this role. Amazingly warm for the weight. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I tried wearing it while I prepared breakfast and broke camp but had to take it off because I was getting overheated with this minimal exertion.

The big downer to it is the obstruction of peripheral vision, making it less than useful for those who might otherwise use it for very cold weather hiking.

Since my main use is to keep me warm while sleeping, I still give it a 4 as it is very good for this use.

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